withdrawals 6.23.07

by Amy Cubbison on June 29th, 2007

“I am getting a lot of emails that people are going through withdrawls from my blog-me too! I was posting them on the new site but now that is not even working. Transferring my site has been a big pain in the neck. I am questioning why I did it in the first place but it was needing to be done. It will be worth it. So I will try and give you an update as best I can……………………….First off Neil and I went on date night last night. It was really nice. We went to this litle italian restaurant and I had delicious chicken piccats (my new favorite). Then we went to go see “”Knocked up.’ Fricken hilarious. I have not laughed that much in so long. It was constant laughter. I needed that. Neil had a good time but then was complaining about the cost of the night-a two hundred dollar night. That is okay he was talking about how much work he has coming up and all the money he is going to be making. Yahoo! He also assured me that he is being careful with the stock market…………………….So I have to get surgery because my cyst tripled in size. I was freakin out but now I feel better because my CA125 was normal. Thank GOd! I am still scared but feel better than I did. At one point I felt like i was going to have a panic attack. I read all of the symptoms and then I felt them all. I was freakin. Not a good thing to do when I am a hypochondriac…………….So there has been a bit of drama in my life. I made some mistakes and then gossiped a bit and it came back to bite me. When will I learn. It is hard because I live in a gossipy world. Everyone wants to know what everyone else is doing. I have to be careful because I am so social but I do not want to hurt anyone ever! One of the situations that is currently happening is reminiscent of highschool stuff

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