More thoughts on Halloween

by Amy Cubbison on October 31st, 2007

“I just read over my blog from this morning-man did I do a bunch of mispellings and other errors. Creative writing is not suppose to matter but I guess when a lot of people are reading it I should take it more seriously…………..Today has been a great day. The air feels clean finally, again. I am sort of dreading Trick or Treating but I like to see the kids get excited. We just went to the pumpkin patch for the sixth time this year. The man told William he could have any pumpkin for thirteen dollars. He went crazy………It was like a slapstick show. He and Jac were trying to get the hugest pumpkin in to the wheelbarrel and once they did it tipped over. Then I had to get involved and it was more comedy of errors-but nice laughs. I am going to post halloween pix later as well………….I took the boys to Kaylee’s school and we watched their little parade. Ofcourse Kaylee was the tiniest one in the line. I can’t stand how cute she is. I am going to suffocate her in kisses. I saw some of the mother’s I have bonded with at Mom’s happy hour. There are so many nice Mom’s there that I dig. I also saw my old friend Kristi from La JOlla high many years ago. I was having a good time. Not like in my dream last night where nobody liked me at school. Why must I have these abandonement dreams so often and college dreams where I really did not finish my degree and forgot about a class or two. Anyway all is good in that aspect of my life…………..The maid came today and the house was perfect. I came back today after a few errands and the hurricaine came through the house again. I think everyone is allergic to doing their own dishes……………….Cuteness factor-Kaylee keeps saying,”” I am super girl, I want to eat fruit and veggies and get healthy.”” Glad she is finally catching on-let’s see how long it lasts. At the party today at school she said,””I am having so much fun.”” Then when she came home she was so proud to show me all of her artwork. Then she said,””I am so talented and creative.”” No self confidence problem here! She then showed each and everyone to Wills and then to Jac. It was so cute Jac was saying,””That is so good Kaylee,”” and smiling at me. She is now waiting for Daddy to get home…………………Bought some laungerie today. I am in the mood to wear sexy matching bras and panties. I always try but we know how that goes………………..On the trip home Kaylee slept about one half hour, then she continued to talk and ask questions the following two hours. I was about to lose my mind. I put on my ipod and just shook my head yes after a while. See you can learn some parenting tips here as well!”

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