Another day in paradise

by Amy Cubbison on November 15th, 2007

“We are going through a beautiful weather week. My favorite type-the kind that is crisp and sunny……………..So I did my show last night. It was a bit boring but I sold enough to make it worth my while. Cami came and hung out with me which made it nice. Then we skipped out a bit early to hit vigilucci’s and have a glass of exquisite wine and sashimi apps. It is always fun to go there since I know all of the guys who work there. Cami and I have such a blast together. She keeps saying that she has never met someone with so many friends. I said she is the type I make room for. I was sort of dreading doing the show. I told Neil and he said,””That is why they call it work.”” I giggled at that. I know I am pmsing today and yesterday-not only am I in the mood for love which is an indication but I want to ring my kids necks. Only kidding child protective services-but other Moms know what I talking about. I was on my computer and Jac and Kaylee kept on climbing on me. I felt like I was being suffocated. I love them to be on my lap but I want time where they let me do what I need to do. THen this morning we all woke up late and Wills was procrastinating and moving like a turtle. We got to school and he still did not have his shoes on so I started to help him-a bit roughly. Then he screamed at me and I screamed back. Then he said,””You are mean.”” I said,””So are you!”” All of the kids were ordering me around this morning. I felt like an endentured servitude………… I keep laughing that Wills thinks I should be on America’s Next Top Model……………….Jac told me today that he is going to be William’s robut for two weeks. In other words slave! Poor little brother……Yesterday Kaylee grabbed one of my bday ccards with jeans on it and said,””Look gucci jeans.”” Not sure if I told you that already but funny just the same………..My brother Peter said that maybe he and my brother David should take over my business and make a killing. I said,””Sounds good to me, make money and not do much.”” People were praising my company and creativity last night. I love to make people laugh. Cami my friend was raving about me and for about a half an hour, I felt pretty proud of myself. I also did acknowledge how lazy I can be about somethings. Can’t let myself feel to good for too long. Ha……………..Tonight is Mom’s at Kaylee’s school happy hour. I am not going because I am sticking to my one night out-last night was a small nightcap after a lot of work………..Today the gym and then lunch with my friend Lisa P. I have lunch plans for the next two weeks due to some friends not making my bday dinner. Tomorrow night about 20 are coming out. I am looking forward to it. We are taking a cab to be safe. I have so many options on what to wear that I am a bit confused. A good problem to have. I did spray tan yesterday so watch out!!!!!!!! Albert I am tanner than you now since you must be fading a bit in England! HA!…………………………..Just got such sad news-our friend Joe, who is like Neil’s big brother’s son (44) killed himself yesterday. This is tragic. He already lost a daughter twenty years ago. He is the nicest man and always helps everyone. My heart is aching for him and I want to be there for them. How much sadness can one person have in their life??????????? God?????????????………………..I am enjoying my book, although it is heavy but I don’t like light reading. I like light reading in fashion and gossip mags but not in novels. I also am enjoying a book that Jean’s mom got me a long time ago,’Simple Abundance.”” It is so possitive and amazing. Last night it was talking about the two emotions love and fear. It say’s we always come from one of those. I believe it and do think I come from love more often but still fear is in my life!”

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