Bon jour

by Amy Cubbison on November 19th, 2007

“Good morning. Neil is in a great mood because he has been taking that Melatonin to get a good night’s sleep. Infact he has been pretty nice lately and trying hard. When he goes in to a negative vent he tries to alter it. It is a start……………..I fell asleep last night while watching the Music Awards-you know I am tired when I can’t stay up for those. I enjoyed what I saw though-and had visited my long lost dream about being a performer. Oh by the way Saturday we watched “”Saturday Night live.”” It was so funny. I was cracking up. I need to make that a regular in my life. I love shows that make me laugh………………..Today is a bitter sweet day. Last night I took Kaylee to see my father and mother. My dad was sad due to falling and hurting his leg. It broke my heart. We all made a delicious steak dinner with tons of veggies. My brother came over and set up a movie theater of old home movies. The movies were when my parents were young and had three-to four young children. It was fun to see them in that light. It is hard to believe that they lived like that. I mean we all forget our parents have been there and done that. It was nice to see my mother so domesticated. My father looked so handsome-very strong, big smile, nice skin and lots of hair. I was holding my father’s hand the entire time and watching his expression. IT brought him so much joy. I got to see my Bubba and my other grandparents at a young age which I never got to see-they were either super old or dead when I came along-the afterthought. OFcourse I was not in any of the movies. Peter said I was in the end twice. WE did not get there yet. At any rate it was one of those special moments that I will cherish forever. My mother was saying that she thinks I need to visit more. That hit me like a ton of bricks because I really try to get there. I talk to them daily and see them twice a week. Last week we had some big obstacles to over come………….Speaking of that I am going to do everything I can to focus completely on my family!!! ………….Wills came in third at the go-kart races and got a trophy. He is so excited that he has not stopped talking about it.! Help!!!!!!!!!!!! Kidding”

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