Feeling better

by Amy Cubbison on November 18th, 2007

“Nothing like a good night’s sleep to make me feel better. I am pmsing as well as I was tired add that and a little vino and voila-super sensitive and sentimental-more than ususal. I had a really nice time at Diane’s bday party for her daughter. They have a good party house. The kids had fun once Kaylee was no longer scared of the clown. I enjoyed talking to some new people. They had so much food and such great food that I wish I had told some others to come. I tried to text a few but it was a bit late………………..Kaylee told me that she wants to go see,””Beauty and The Beast,”” again and sit on Nanny and Pop Pops lap again. Oh. That made me sad. I remember looking at her sitting on my father’s lap and he was rubbing her little legs. I was also looking at pictures of my Father last night at my big bday bash last year. It is amazing what can happen in one year. I have been praying for my father and a lot of others. It seems that a lot of people in my life are going through a difficult period………….I really enjoyed my massage yesterday. Loved it. I did not even talk the whole way through-sometimes it is like therapy to me. You know me anyone who will listen to me at anytime of the day-Cut to me! I am too much of an openbook sometimes. I trust to easily……….anyway when Kaylee and I were at Tracy’s the other day-Kaylee did a really long dance routine. She has added all these moves. She was a riot. Then Tracy called her dog a “”Stinky Vagina.”” So the entire way home Kaylee was asking me what a vagina was. We call it a puddy in this household but I guess she has to know sometimes. Wills saw one of my tampons and he said,’My friend Maya uses them.”” I said,’Maya is eight, she does not.”” Wills is so good at helping me find an outfit. He loves to watch me get dressed and give me feedback. He has good taste. ……….this morning church, then we are meeting my parents for breakfast and to go to the farmers market. I want to work out today and then just be mellow and enjoy my kids. This afternoon Wills has a go-kart racing party. I am happy he is meeting more friends at school. I worry about that for him. He can be shy. Neil and Wills had a great time last night together. I was happy it worked out that way. Time for my latte………………………………….”

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