forgot my dream

by Amy Cubbison on November 18th, 2007

“I had such a fabulous dream that i wanted to write about it before it escapes me. I was driving in a convertible car on this windy, absolutely beautiful road with an ocean view and I remembering thinking-right here right now-this is what it is all about. I also remember feeling that I loved where we lived and that it was old fashioned and not many people around. Then at one point we went to the hotel next to our home and they had a tap dancing show. I just remember feeling very happy and peaceful. Many of my dreams are not like this. The dream takes a weird turn at one point where my obgyn is in the condo next to me and I think that is handy-I can go get my pap smear anytime I want. I know-sounds crazy………………..Kaylee and Jac have been playing this game for two days where he is her pet baby dragon. He uses this funny voice and she say’s the funniest things to him. Then they went to play Barbies and Jac did not want to be ken he wanted to be hip hop Kaylee-that did not fair well with her………………Having a very nice, relaxing Sunday. Making my friend a bday cake and our friend’s that lost their son some pumpkin cake. My heart aches for them constantly……………Kaylee and I are going to go visit my parents and Angela this evening while the boys are at the bday party…………Went to target and went a little nuts. Neil is all excited about this new mortgage strategy he discovered. Each day a new cd or book comes about money, finance and stocks. I tried to buy the kids the game “”money,”” because Dede said it is a great way for kids to learn the value of money. I could not find it at Target-just one hundred other things that I don’t need!”

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