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by Amy Cubbison on November 22nd, 2007

“My blog was not working yesterday. I go through severe blog withdrawals. Almost forgot Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!!!!! I love Thanksgiving. Kaylee always makes up songs and last night at the dinner table she started singing and it was so cute because she learned a Thanksgiving song at school. She sang it so well and so clear. It is so cute, I put it on my answering machine…… I love the weather now because it feels like fall. It allows me to pull out one of my five hundred jackets and wear them. We are going to my mother’s and father’s tonight. On the way we are going to visit our family friend’s the Wood’s on the way. They do not have grandchildren so they are in love with our kids. Neil is making mash potatoes and I am going to make a dessert for my wonderful father that he can eat. We had the best evening last night. Neil made a fire and we all sat in front of it. I was doing airplane rides with the kids and somersault tricks. They were in heaven. Then Neil baked a potatoe in foil in the fireplace. The kids were so excited. Then when it was finished they kept on saying,””That is the best potato we have ever had.”” Neil said it is an old English trick. They love that. I love to see Neil do things like that. I then got in bed with my novel, mags and tivo. I was feeling so fortunate! I have been sweating it out at the gym-feeling like I have a lot of toxins and stress to get out of my body. IT has felt really good. The prior night Cynthia and I had a nice time at the jewelry show. We went to the event-which by the way had the most beautiful jewelry. Then we went over to the restaurant and Cynthia treated me to ahi and wine. I think one of my favorite wines is Hess Cab. Anway I saw people I know which always makes me happy, and then my friend that works there sent over free soups and mud pie! Yum! Cynthia and I had a great conversation and we were home by nine. That is what I love and need to do more than hit the dance places. I love to get cute and have nice wine, food, nice atomosphere and friends. I feel like it is like a mini,’Sex in the city,”” where the girls always are doing something…………….My pms has been lasting a long time……………….I did not tell you my terrible MOmmy story. The other day Jac told me his class play was that day and not on saturday. I called, emailed and even went to the office to find out when it was. I finally just assumed it was at the end of the day when their party was. Well it was not and I missed it. I felt like my heart was broken-especially knowing how excited Jac gets about everything. The good news is that I came in to both of their classes with iced heart cookies. When in doubt pull out the tricks-sugar tricks. I hung out in both of their classrooms and handed them out to the kids. The teacher thought they would be to sugared out but no chance. Kids can’t refuse them. Jac’s class all sang,””Hip Hip hooray for Jac’s mom brining cookies.’ He was tickled again. I was trying to apologize to him for missing the play but he did not seem to care……………….Yesterday I dropped Kaylee at preschool, took the boys to the park to meet our friends, and then took them to see,””Enchanted.”” What a cute movie. I was dying. It was so romantic and one of the best Disney movies I have seen in years! So there it is the other Movie Mom’s recommendation! Happy Thanksgiving. I feel very thankful for my health, my family and their health, our beautiful home, my wonderful friends, my parents are staying put and my sister and brother in law are visiting. As everyone always tells me I have it all. THe most important thing is that I am hearing God talk to me and feeling him close to me again! Happy Thanksgiving!”

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