Lovely day

by Amy Cubbison on November 22nd, 2007

“I am in such a good mood I wanted to share more. It is so pretty outside. I am just feeling so much love for everyone. I know I usually see the good in people and feel for people, but today it is extra special. I was thinking last night that when I am a grandma I am going to love on my grandchildren so much. That will be a nice time when I can enjoy babies again but don’t have to go through the pregnancy. I was also thinking that it is so important for me to help others and help the world. I have that generous gene that my father has. I see myself referring businesses all of the time. I guess that is why some of my friend’s call me the “”Connector.”” I guess that is better than my other name,’Calamity jane.”” I deserve them both. I am just so happy that I am a person that comes mainly from love and not fear. NOt to say i don’t have any fears because anyone who reads my blog knows I do. One of my biggest, most shallow ones is of aging. I just always want to be attractive, since I always have been. I know I will take care of myself as necessary but not over the top. I think facelifts make people look weird and older. The other night I was noticing all of these older woman, that scared me to death. They were either so wrinkled or so plastic……………….Molly has been so cute with me. I told you when I am sad she snuggles up to me. This is amazing to me because she is so old and senile. When I look at her with no teeth, one blind eye, and deaf-it breaks my heart. She is aging as my father ages and it is metaphoric (word?) I may have made up that word but I like it. Molly always goes to the bed, and thinks I am on it and barks for me to pick her up. I try and call her name to tell her I am not on it and she can’t hear a thing…………..Today at yoga I felt like crying a bit-but not because I am pmsing-or maybe it is that. IT was not a depressed sort of wanting to cry just a let it out kind of cry. I love that teacher and she has such a great energy. I love when at the end they go around and touch us on the head and on the shoulders at the end of class………………..Okay, I need to get a shredder. The kids love drawing and they each make me atleast five pictures a day. Can you imagine how much paper that is?? I am glad they are artistic but come on now………………I spoke to Joe, who lost his son the other day. He is such a strong man. He was so touched by William’s call. He wants me to bring Wills to the funeral. I think it is an okay time for Wills to experience this. He said it will be mild…………………Last thing for today-on my bday party night I took a cab home. I was short about five dollars and I ran in and could not find it anymore. The cab driver told me he takes cards. I gave him Neil’s and he would not take it. Hello? I am inside of the house and get my husband’s wallet. At any rate after arguing, I gave him my silver big ring as collaterol and he gave me his card to call in the morning. Well as my stories usually go-I can’t find his card now and I will never see my ring again!! Atleast I am not boring!”

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