by Amy Cubbison on November 19th, 2007

“I forgot to mention something very touching……………I had an idea to have William call joe, who lost his son last week. Joe is William’s godfather. Wills spoke so eloquantly to Joe. He said,””I am sorry for the loss of your son and that you have been a great Godfather to me.”” He also said some other things. When we came home last night-Joe had left a message for wills. He spoke about how touched he was and how proud he was of William and all of the things he is good at. When I gave Wills the phone, he got tears in his eyes. I said,””This is why it is so important to tell others how you feel especially in a time of need.””…………..Is that not beautiful or what???………..I am looking forward to some of our family coming out for the holidays. thanksgiving my sister and her husband are coming and my niece, other sister and their families are coming out at christmas. I have the greatest, biggest family………….i want to get a ski house in Big bear in dec. or january. we were going to do it with the ham’s but they are going with their grandma now…….today i am home by myself. I am loving the sound of silence. I baked some pumpkin bread that smells so good. My kids love pumpkin anything. I am staying here the majority of the day, do my gravity machine and then a few errands. The Ham’s may come over for dinner. Melanie has not been herself lately and it makes me sad…………………..oh one more funny thing. The other night when I worked a show-some of my friend’s called and Wills told them I was ON A show. I said,””Why did you say that.”” He said,””You are always on tv. “” I am not by the way but have been. Kids are funny!!”

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