by Amy Cubbison on November 27th, 2007

“THe house is quiet-cold and quiet but it is nice. We have been having fires a lot which I love. In the morning (early) Kaylee always climbs in our bed. I am always so happy to see her or any of the kids for that matter. Neil say’s I always say,””Hi,”” and greet them as if I am so happy to have them in there like old times………….Went to the dentist and had my teeth cleaned-hate it but love the results. Then I met my mother and two of her lovely friend’s at Tapanade. That is such an exquisiste restaurant. It was a really nice day and I gave myself the day off from exercise. I made a port roast for dinner-it made the house smell so good. I am going to make more roasts-they are easy and good. ……………..I had my first bikini laser hair removal last night-OUch! Actually not as bad as I anticipated-but I am looking forward to the results. Someone asked me if I will post my landing strip on my site-actually it was my father in law. The answer is NO!!!!! LOL. Went to sleep early last night and had a much better sleep than the previous night. This morning Kaylee has ballet and then we are hitting the gym, lunch and home to relax. I want another mellow night and day for that matter-it feels good. I am not going to go to the opening tonight. Can you believe it? Actually Neil is going to go to a boxing match downtown that I got him tickets for. I was wondering if my father would be up for going. My holiday schedule is getting booked up. The only bummer thing is that we have two things on one night which means I might miss something-yikes!!!!!…………Neil is trading apple again and in a good mood-whatever works baby!…………….Kaylee told me that she feels bad that I told her I did not like hoochie party girl (Bratz doll)> She said,””HEr is a nice girl not a party girl mommy.”” How can I dispute anything she say’s-Actually I am going to ditch the doll as soon as Kaylee forgets about her for a while……………Wills and I finished all his homework last night. What a task. Sometimes I just feel like giving him the answers to make it go faster. At any rate he started telling me that his best friend’s mom does not want them to have playdates because Wills gets in trouble sometimes. He started crying and I felt like someone stabbed me in the heart. I remember that. Wills only gets in trouble for impulsive things he has a hard time controlling. He is not a bad kid in the least. I called and left a message for his friend’s mother. Now it is even more important that I schedule other playdates with other classmates-that is my mission……………The maid comes today-yahoo!!!!!!!!!!!!…………………….Oh I almost forgot that yesterday I drove by the bridge club and I got this lump in my throat. I was feeling so sad because I use to always pick up my father from there. Then I went to visit him and massaged his feet and read him the “”New York Times.”” It was great seeing him. He was so content that he fell asleep. I was just looking at him and my heart was filled with so much emotion but most of which was love!!!!!! Right here right now, this very minute all is well so enjoy and try to laugh today-amy cubbison -This is my new mantra.”

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