Such fun!!!!!!!!!

by Amy Cubbison on November 17th, 2007

“MY girls bday dinner was so much fun!!!!!!! It was about twenty of my nearest and dearest all looking gorgeous. Jen made yummy cupcakes. Everyone gave me touching cards and said wonderful things. I got some great gifts which I am still opening. Everyone always say’s that I am the hardest person to buy for because I have everything -materialistically and otherwise. That is a nice thing to say although I do not always believe that. We laughed so hard. The mexican guys all ran up to me and hugged me and told me to come back anytime. Cynthia said they all looked at my ass all night-ha. The girls still got it. Remember all the boys when I was in highschool use to pinch my hynie. After dinner we went dancing for two hours straight with all the young guys who love us. A nice little float for my ego which I seem to care so much about these days. I had some personal issues which took me out of the moment and off track but it is for the best I know. I hate when I get off track as I do if I am not careful. I was home by elleven thirty which is not bad. We had so many options but when it comes down to it-I dont’ like to go to far or be out to long. Before I left I was run a muck with anxiety-good and bad. I am also pmsing and my kids were all over me. They were making me crazy and my skin crawl-ofcourse today I can’t love on them enough. That is why us MOmmy’s need breaks. We all went on a bikeride together, my favorite thing to do with them. Wills is making hundreds of little Knomes and got a seedling for their Christmas tree. Jac Is just following him close by as usual. THis evening we have a kid/adult party which Neil and WIlls do not want to go to. I am looking forward to it-food, friends and wine. It is Kaylee’s little friend. I am going to take Kaylee and Jac and Neil and Wills are going to have alone time. They are going to hit a movie and do chinese. I think that is important although I would have liked to all go as a family. …………I have tons on my to do list starting Monday and business is booming again. Thanks to Us magazine. ………….Oh yes I did make it to the ceremoney at Wills school. ONe hour and a half later WIlls got his award. It was so cute at first and then the Moms started dropping like flies. I was bored stiff. I was so happy to hear WIlls getting and award for being super smart, creative, friendly and having a big heart. See he takes after me-me and my big huge heart I wear on my sleeve that gets me hurt over and over again.. Oh well maybe some day I will learn!”

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