by Amy Cubbison on January 30th, 2008

“Hello……….Hmmm Just came home and I ate and drank again-what a surprise. Not a lot but I feel sort of hedonistic eating and drinking for five days straight. I tried on my skinny jeans and they fit surpisingly-not for long if I keep this up………….I have been going to the gym a lot……….I feel happy today for the most part. It was only five friends for Jen’s bday but it was a nice group of woman. I feel super lucky. ……………I forgot to mention last night super Mom Taylor was worrying about what her kids were eating. I am so relaxed in that area and I wonder if I am lazy or sane? I was like have pasta and milk and that is fine. Taylor was so concerned with it being a balanced meal. I guess I can’t forget what Dr. Levy said that if they get a full balanced meal that is all they need in two days. I need to google it and research it. I am recongnizing the strenghes of my motherhood and the lacking. I realize I am much better with emotionally helping the kids then when they have a physical ailment..In saying that when it is not dangerous. I am not so quick to run and get a bandaid or cream if it is not that bad. I wonder why? Anyway some more food for thought………………..Yesterday I was watching the kids in the garden with Neil and I was just in love with all of them then this morning my kids were not listening to me at all, throwing demands at me, ignoring me and being difficult and I felt so unappreciated and irritated. It is amazing all of the thoughts and feelings a mother can have in one day.”

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