Kids talk

by Amy Cubbison on February 24th, 2008

“Kaylee is talking jiberish. She just told me she has to go poo and the reason is because everything is mixed up between her tummy and her throat. hmmmmmmmm okay. I just woke up and it is a rainy, gloomy day-a good day to stay home. The only thing I want to do is go to the gym and get ready for my OScar party. The theme is pajamas. Last night I made some awesome turkey chile and it was sooooooo good that I think I am going to make more for tonight. The only bummer is that I have hardly seen any movies that are nominated and as far as I am concerned this was the worst year for movies in a long time. The only movie I remember worth was “”The Waitress,’ and that movie disturbed me for personal reasons……….anyway forgot to boast myself up. The other day at Target this young guy drove by and whistled and yelled,””Hi Hotty.’ Then he kept on driving by and making such a big deal of me. It put a smile on my face. Mommy still got it. Then the other day I went in to get my phone connected for the third time. I saw the young, cute guy who is always nice to me and was telling him how I hate that phone. He gave me a brand new top of the line Chocolate for free. I was smiling all the way home. I think I dreamt about him last night. It was a clean dream but he held my hand and it felt very nice and I kept thinking he is so young, he is probably broke. ha…………….I wish I video taped Kaylee dancing last night and the expression on her face. Mara was teaching her to waltz. Mara is such a great soul and an amazing person. Kaylee continues to talk all of the time, and ask one thousand questions ie; Are bears allergic to anything? That gives you an idea of the randomness. Then she wants to know what else is in us besides blood, bones and guts……………..Jac is playing the cute baby card with me lately. He is totally making the cute face and talking cute but he is being cuddly. He does not realize that he does not even have to do this-he is that way anyways………….Kaylee also continues to talk constantly about the movie,””Shark Boy and Lava girl.”” She is obsessed-wonder where she gets that obsession thing??? …………I sort of felt down last night but remembered I was really tired. I try not to think to hard when I am tired because everything seems more bleak. I did fall asleep at nine and had an amazing night’s sleep so needless to say today I am feeling good………………..Wills did not like his therapy session the other day. She makes him relax and that is so hard for him. Last night he was extremely worried about having diarea, like he use to get. He was then saying,””When am I not going to worry about getting sick so much, I hate it?”” I explained to him about medication and he said he wanted to try it. Then he went to talk to Neil about it and surprisingly enough Neil said to him if it is going to make you feel much better than go for it. Not sure if that is what he really meant but it calmed Wills down. Wills and I were also laying down listening to the Dive and I was holding his hand and just loving on him. He is so hard to get still in one place. He was talking to me and I was looking at his big blue eyes, and freckles and big teeth and just thinking he is so innocent and cute………………I keep thinking about my father enjoying his sandwich, that we brought him, so much. I am going to do that more often-he deserves to have treats. His helper was trying to take half of it away and my father was like a pitbull protecting it. Ha………………Gotta drink my latte now.”

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