Mini Me

by Amy Cubbison on February 26th, 2008

“Kaylee is so mini me but with more confidence at her age. I just heard click, click, She comes downstairs totally dressed in a crazy mix of things and her plastic highheels. She say’s ,””I am ready to go.”” I can’t believe how easy she walks in them, especially down the stairs. She is something else……………So today WIlls is still not feeling good and has been pacing, worrying about diarea, since he had it. Kaylee is coughing and does not want to go to ballet-so I need to reschedule her doctor’s appoint. Jac is pretending his cough is worse than it is so he does not have to go to school. What does this all add up to??? Mommy home all day and can’t go to the gym………………Atleast I get to get out for dinner with a networking group tonight. Neil is in a good mood-the stock market is up and work is more hopeful. He is so easy to read. …………Yesterday I had that weird feeling again. If I was not more in tune with my body-I would take myself to urgent care. Anyway it seems to start when i get worried but my arms get hot and tingle and so does my face. It burns up, itches and flushes. It lasts for about ten minutes. I am trying to narrow it down and besides nerves I think it comes from the Niacin in my vitamin C drink. Weird feeling…………………….My kids are all being so cute this week. Last night Kaylee and I took a bath and played-you guessed it-Barbies in the tub. She said,’OKay lets try on clothes for eachother (pretend) and say “”na, Na, Na, yes.”” So I came out for times and she kept on saying-you guessed it-“”na.”” Then at the fourth one just like clockworks she gave me a thumbs up. We played this for a while but she cracks me up. I just can’t stop kissing her and hugging her-my little peanut. I love to hug and kiss all my kids but Wills is no longer very cuddly like Jac and Kaylee. He has a hard time sitting still…………………..Weird dreams last night. No nooky dreams though. I have been having these reoccuring dream that I am all the way in Austrailia and want to come home, then I have another dream where we move somewhere an hour away from here and I am super lonely. So last night-I went to take a class back at my old college sdsu-san marcos. I was overtaken my emotion when I was there and I saw some old classmates. I was crying (big surprise) and I felt sad because I was out of touch and not really remembered there. Then I felt better when I bonded with some old classmates who felt the same. My dreams are so emotional and so much hard work. There was a lot more to it but I can’t remember it now-I know i road my bike to school in the rain at night, and my lock was broken so I had to tie a knot in it…………………….This segment on tv the other night about a woman from Somalia who at seven they took out her clitoris and sewed her lips together, as they do with all little girls. The thought of that emotionally and physically cannot escape my mind. It is hard to believe practices like that are still going on……………………….Kaylee is continuing to decorate our home with a permanent marker on the walls, chair and now the table. She, as you know, trims all our plants with her playdo scizzors-damn those things are sharp for toddler scizzors. …… I have been having so many old memories and thoughts resurface> Today when I was praying I pictured God as a woman. My mother would be proud then I remembered when I was little picturing God like the face of George Washington on a quarter…………………I think that is enough for now.”

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