by Amy Cubbison on February 22nd, 2008

ON this typical morning all of the kids are talking at the same time. I need to video tape it. It is sort of comical if I am in a good mood. Neil and I just smile at eachtother. SOme mornings I just want to commit. Joking by the way but they just do not go smooth and nobody listens to me. I am getting better about rules and some structure…………..I know you won’t believe me but another phone of mine bit the dust. I already have a new one that they sent. You know the phone is a piece of junk if they keep sending me replacements of the same phone without any difficulty. I will not say the name of phone or company (VERIZON AND CHOCOLATE) THe new version is suppose to be much better.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,anyway had naughty dreams again last night. Hormones………naughty but nice. ha………………….Yesterday was such a nice lazy day. One of those days where I did not make myself go to the gym. I felt super tired and did not want to do much of anything. I was trying to listen to my body since I have been doing so much and have a busy weekend. I did not even go to the Frogs gym party. My mother thinks I need to go see a doctor. But seriously I do like to stay home as well. ANyway Kaylee and I laid in bed read stories, and watched Nick Jr. By the way every commericial on their made Kaylee ask me for the toy. I was dozing off saying,””Okay ask, the Easter bunny.”” I remember feeling like I wanted everything I saw advertised on tv. Soon we will be able to push a button on the tv and order it right there and a window will open and hand us the toy……………I got a calendar where the kids can draw their own pictures. I asked Jac to draw one and he drew Spongebob Squarepants with what looks like a big penis. Gotta ask him about that one…………..Neil worked late last night and the kids and I had a really nice time together. I was just loving on all my kids and it was overflowing yesterday as it does often, in between my screaming fits. Once Wills finished writing and practicing his speach on Abe Lincoln everything was smooth. I got him an Abe Lincoln costume. He looks so cute in it. I can’t believe the change in him about completing his homework-ofcourse he still blirts out in class and paces…………….The teachers at the school wanted to watch our Nanny 911 dvd. I can’t believe it has been two and a half years. I need Nanny Stella again. Our new therapist is the new Nanny Stella. Today I have to take Wills there. He has been worrying about having diarea lately, quite a bit. The poor kid puts himself through so much. Kaylee and Wills vocabulary surprises me constantly………..Did I write about when Kaylee asked me if flowers, plants and animals had blood running through their veins. I explained to her the answers and she listened intently. I thought that was rather profound for a three year old. She keeps asking me questions about dying, and heaven. She told me yesterday not only does she not like when people call her a baby-she hates when they call her cute because it is a baby word. I said ,””really Mommy loves it for me and for you.”” Ha…………….Off to take Kaylee to school, breakfast with my friend, then yoga and then home on this rainy day to do stuff around the house and relax before our date night. I can’t believe Neil is actually going out with me tonight? whatever next??”

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