Wonderful day

by Amy Cubbison on February 28th, 2008

“Yesterday was a wonderful day. I had major Spring Fever. It felt like summer and once again I was reminded of why we live here. It makes me feel so healthy and vibrant, not to mention happy. I am getting use to staying in and home and having a slow day. I did my gravity machine and then took Wills to the doctor. He does not have strep throat-thanks to God. Then came home and got to cooking. I made chicken tortilla soup and spinach with cauliflower, black beans and roast chicken. Then Carey and Kate came over and we sat outside and had lunch. It was so nice. We had a really nice conversation and I felt blessed for the friends I have in my life. THen Kate and I went for a walk and laughed all the while. We always laugh together. She kept on saying that she needed to pick up bread so I called her “”Rainman.”” Its fun when someone is the same age and we all have similiar memories to commercials, movies, foods et. We then watched tivo “”Lipstick Jungle.”” We were feeling guilty sitting on the couch while our husbands were at work-not that guilty. I did a bunch of laundry and then organized Wills room. What a fiasco that was. He is such a pack rat. He makes the coolest, little things out of anything he can find. The problem is he never wants to get rid of anything. I had to hide all the stuff I am dumping because you know who would go through it with the boys and put half of it back. They want the house to be organized but will not part with anything. Go figure?? I then went to pick up Jac and kaylee from school. I took the kids to our neighbors house and I met Rhonda’s very nice childhood friend> It was fun to hear stories of their childhood. We had a glass of wine while the kids played. When I came home Neil was telling me about the man he worked for that day. He made millions selling?? Guess what?? Tshirts. So he is going to give me some suggestions. He likes my site. So now neil has more hope in my business. I do as well. Neil gets upset with me that I am so social. You would think that he would be use to it by now. I need that to feel good especially since he is not social at all………..Kaylee just wanted some fritos. I not even going to tell you what time it is here but anyway-I said when you finish your toast and milk. She went and threw her toast in the trash and came up to me showing her empty hands and said,””I finished it.”” She is such a little pants on fire these days. That little bugger!…………Today ballet, pedicure, yoga and then Kaylee and I are joining my father for lunch at the hospital because he has rehab. Wills is back at school but all of us have little colds. We just will not be able to kiss my father…………..you should see the magnet that Wills made at school of a chameleon. It is unbelievable. He is an amazing artist and Kaylee and Jac are heading that way. We are the creative family, not so organized but creative. I do feel like I am a getting a bit stronger in myself and with the kids. Wills is so tempermental. He whines and screams when he has to do homework or plays his Gameboy or Computer games. It is sooooooooo annoying. Now Kaylee and Jac say to him,””Chill out Wills stop whining.”” I am going to take him to a neurological therapist to get some testing. Poor guy life is so hard for him sometimes. Another day in paradise………”

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