A few cute things

by Amy Cubbison on July 18th, 2008

“Neil is going to wear “”Adopt me Angelina,”” tshirt on Sunday. The other day at the track I invited about twenty new people but now I lost their numbers. Oh well, as they say in france,””Cest la vie.”” ………….kaylee sings along to every song on the radio from Bible songs to Hip hop. She knows all the words. It is a riot. Still can’t tell yet if she inherited my voice or Neil’s. Hope it is the latter……………..Kaylee just came up to me and said,””I am sorry when I share with you I give you little pieces.”” I thought that was so sweet until she then walked up and took a big swig of my drink. I always complain because they always drink my drinks…………….I feel like I see the areas I need to work on where I am lazy towards my children. I keep having this thought go through my head,””What would MElanie do?”” She always has her priorities in line and straight. Sort of like,’What would Jesus do?”” I can miss things and pass on events, especially if it takes me from my children. …………….I also see how my kids need to build some trust with me. Hopefully that is natural but they tell me things several times. Kaylee is super terrified of toilet flushing and makes me flush after she is out and if it is automatic-forget it. Bon Nuit.”

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