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by Amy Cubbison on July 15th, 2008

“Back from the show late last night. I am tired but super happy to be home. I missed my kids and everyone a lot. I also missed my parents a lot. I am pmnsing and feeling super sensitive and yucky. I woke up late to Kaylee and Jac playing house with one another. I could hear them and they are so darn cute. The sun is shining and once again I feel blessed. I did a lot of praying this weekend. I have a lot on my to do list to get internally stronger and not put too much emphasis on my looks-especially in la the town where that is top priority. Jac told me they missed me the minute I left. Right now Molly, my sixteen year old Yorkie, is humping Kaylee’s stuffed pig. The little girl still has got in in her. ha……………The show went well. IT really was more work than usual but work in the sense of waiting, anticipating and hanging out. There was a lot of security that is why we had to wait around most of the day. We went out for a good dinner, did some shopping. Met tons of latino stars and athletes> The best was Oscar De Lahoya and Ortiz. Oh my cute boxers. Oscar’s ugly fat lady bodyguard tried to bully me away. We also met Julio from Dancing with the stars. He had such a nice smile and charm and just seemed so genuine. I don’t think all of the Latinos got my tshirt line due to language barrior. It was good but not sure I will do that show next year. Emmy’s and American Music awards for sure. Cami, Carey and I were all blown off by friend’s in La. This time it we were much more aware of the superficiality of La and non commitment. It seems that everyone wants to get something from someone and will drop you for a better opportunity…………….Kaylee just dropped something and said,’I dropped my little plastic penis.”” How come they come out obsessing on privates just like adults??? Nature I guess. Wills slept over Conner’s last night and called me several times worrying. I felt so bad for him. That is only his third time overnight. Speaking of overnight I want to go away for one night for our anniversary to a nice hotel. The only problem is the economy is not so great and everyone is complaining. I am going to plan a trip to Disneyland as well.”

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