Burrito belly

by Amy Cubbison on July 30th, 2008

“Burrito Belly……………Kaylee and I just shared a burrito the size of New York. I tried to make it healthier but it is renting space in my stomache and I want it out. Kaylee said to me yesterday that her belly was not feeling well and it is screaming,””I need Dip and Dots, to feel better.””………Speaking of that yesterday little Jac said his tummy hurt. I was attending to him and he said he still wanted to go to the beach but on the way to the car he ran to the bathroom and through up all over the bathroom. Yuck. Times like this I do not like being a mom. I also had to hide it from Wills or I would have another catastrophe. ONe thing about my kids or Kaylee and Jac atleast usually once they through up they feel much better after and it is only once………………So we did manage to get to the beach and we had a nice, mellow time. THe sun was in and out but it was nice and not to hot. Ofcourse I spent half the day taking Kaylee and or Jac to the potty or to the shower. Kids hate when Mom’s relax……………..The kids are super excited for vacation. They are packing already. It is so cute. Ofcourse they pack tons of toys and nothing else so ofcourse Me Mommy have to pack for everyone-as usual. Today we are going to go to the park for a bit, and maybe the beach. Tonight I am meeting some friends for cocktails and my bon voyage party. I feel like I am going away for a month. Ha. It is nice to feel loved. Last night we all went to Pizza port and had fun. I love my girlfriend’s. We support one another so much that it is aweseome………….Got myself in a little pickle by saying too much again. My guy friend was playing a joke on me and I fell for it hook, line and sinker and ended up criticising his girlfriend. Oops I did it again.”

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