Busy busy

by Amy Cubbison on July 18th, 2008

“I must like to be busy because as soon as I am not than I put it on the calendar. I got sort of talked in to having another fashion party. You know how much I hate parties. Ha ha. An excuse for a party and I don’t have to bust out money for this. There is quite a crowd coming. I have a cool silk seventies jumpsuit to wear. Reminds me of my mother when I was little. ……………So the saga of the phone continues. Thank God that I am cute. My friend Victor at the phone store always pulls through for me. He said that he has never met someone that has lost so many phones-a proud title that I am happy to own. Ha ha. I said, There is a God.”” He said,’You are looking at him.”” Anyways I am bummed about my contacts and the fact that there are some naughty pix on there. They will probably end up on the net somewhere. Hope not. ………..Kaylee has got to stop watching the DIsney channel. She is getting major attitude. At first I thought it was cute and now she is acting like she is fourteen. She is shaking her head and stuff……………..William is being so high maintenance. OMG and I am pmsing. Not a good combination to have and be. ……………Carey is over and we are going to ship some shirts and then visit while the kids play. Tonight is Rachelle’s bday party at the new local steakhouse. It is a housewives party from four to seven. My kind of hours. The weekend is packed and I have a lot to do for the party on Sunday. I will have a lot to blog about I am sure.”

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