Camp day number 2

by Amy Cubbison on July 8th, 2008

Wills just woke up and said he is bored already. That is one aspect of summer I do not like. He wants me to check in to camps. Robot building camps. Yesterday he got a sodering gun and was making these elaborate objects out of nuts and bolts. He wants to sell them. I believe he can…………Jac enjoyed his friend’s camp yesterday. It was last minute and it is sort of a mock camp where some young girls run it at his friend’s house. I wish I had thought of that when I was twelve. Jac just asked me for some icecream for breakfast. He hid a cornetto in the freezer and Kaylee stole it and is eating it. The horror!! Ha……….Last night Kaylee was in the bathtub giggling saying that when she touches her Vagigi it tickles. She was giggling like crazy. Wills is asking all sorts of questions these days. Uh oh…………………Last night my head hurt and you know where my mind was wandering off to. It is in the air my friend is having a bunch of hypochondriachal feelings and experiences. …………..Last time I am buying Dora bandaids. Kaylee all of the sudden has twenty four boo boos and uses the entire pack. I also caught her using my priority 4.60 cent stamps as tape. Not a good idea. Especially in this economy……………Today we are going to the gym and then to meet my parents at the hospital while my father has therapy for lunch. Then to the park with some friend’s. I have gone to bed at nine each night and it has felt good. I will write more later………..

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