COffee machine broken

by Amy Cubbison on July 29th, 2008

“I guess there are worst things that can happen than the expresso maching biting the dust but it feels like an emergency right now. I ran out of the house in a fit to get and succumb to 7/11 coffee and then realized I was about to run out of gas and so I took off to get gas. All the while forgetting that I was in my pj shorts and a white tank top with no bra. I was trying to be discrete while hiding my big nipples but a car pulled up with Johoves Witnesses in it. Oh my did I get looks. Then I was trying to hurry and went over the curb and got looks like I was a drunk driver. I then and only then got my coffee but fortunatly I found a little shrug to cover my tatas in my car. I had quite the outfit on. Maybe I would have got my coffee for free from the guy at 7/11 if I did not put the shrug on. Ha. kidding………..Speaking of things like that that make mens worlds go round-my little juice guy friend is making sexual innuendos to me. Is that all men think about??? From birth to death I guess………….Yesterday before my morning got super chaotic-the kids and I watched the movie,’Hairspray.’ What a cute movie. We still have not finished watching from beginning to end. Kaylee told me she wanted to put a pink stripe in her hair like the star of the movie who put a white stripe in her hair like a skunk. The other part of the morning was like nails on a chalkboard. The kids were so demanding, cranky and needy-not to mention the dog. They said they were bored two minutes after they woke up. I hate that. NOw our new thing is we need to the new Dip and Dots everyday. That is breaking my piggy bank-six dollars an icecream or something like that. But hey money grows on trees according to them. I felt super hormonal yesterday even though I was not pmsing. I think I ovulate right after but at any rate-I wanted to punch. I did not but I was so irritated. I was trying to get out of the house and once we did it got better. The problem was we had several different plans and nothing concrete so we could not decide. Plus the clouds were coming and going. We finally or they finally decided on the miniature golf course with Patty’s kids. That was fun and different. They all did well and even Kaylee although she made up her own rules along the way. I chatted with Patty’s twenty year old nanny and was impressed with how responsible she was. I was thinking when I was a teenager I was in the land of the lost or the land of irresponsibility, one or the other. …………….I have so many dreams in one night it is uncanny. I can always tell what is going on in my life by that. I had a very frisky dream about someone anonymous. It was not that bad but actually comforting. I also dreamt about a beautiful body of water that was super clean and pure and I could nto wait to swim in it………………I am feeling really fat these days. I am not sure if it is in my mind or true. My clothes still fit fine but I think because I have been drinking more wine than normal this summer I am a bit softer-yuck!!Need to hit the gym harder and do more yoga. I also notice every change with age and I hate it. I have got to stop looking.!!!!!!!! …………..Last night we went to the Ham’s. Melanie’s kids were fighting like crazy. It makes me happy to know it is not only me. Kendra who is six played with Kaylee because Jac was not there. She was like her little doll. She dressed Kaylee up in costumes four times and rehearsed with her. She would then come out and introduce her and then play the piano while Kaylee danced and sang made up songs. It was hysterical. I wish I filmed it. Then at the end of the night we heard Kaylee screaming to Kendra,””No more performing, I am done with it!”” Go girl!!!!!!!………………A bunch of us are hitting the beach today and then we are going to pizza port. Flush another one hundred dollars down the drain. That place is a goldmine-or the arcade games are. ………Yesterday Kaylee told me “”No offense Mommy but I think you need to take driving lessons again.”” Ha. Then Wills agreed. I am sure Mr. Chenalte would still agree from Sears Driving school. I remember him and I scared the daylights out of him. I wonder if he is still kickin??? Then Kaylee had a wonderful Idea-that I should sell chippees on my site. She said,’Everyone loves them and I would sell tons.””……….Maybe I should listen to her.”

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