by Amy Cubbison on July 21st, 2008

“Lot’s to say but super tired. Had the most amazing day. Finally we went to the beach at 26th street and it was beautiful. A perfect day with the best amount of sun and clouds. The kids had a blast. We built sandcastles and they boogie boarded. Carey and I sat on chairs, and chatted. Jill came and then Stacy came. It was a delight. I find myself in the best mood and all the worries of the world have gone. Then tonight I thought the Ham’s were coming over but I was mistken. I cooked dinner waiting for them and vica versa. We went over there after my excellent dinner(if I do say so myself). Salmon in a feta, olive, tomatoe cubes and spinach………Anyway it was great seeing Melanie and it just felt like an amazing summer day and night……………..My party rocked except for the fact that Lauren did not make that much money and therefore I got clothes instead of money back. We will not be doing that again. I had fun and so did my friends. So many people said nice things to me and that warmed my heart. I guess being a good person does pay off sometimes. Got to see a lot of people I have not seen in a long time. Great times…………….Kaylee said to me this morning that the music was off the hook last night. Then she said ,””It actually was annoying to her.”” She tried on a bunch of outfits and was prancing around like a model. Then she said,””Daddy will you buy this for me?”” “”Mommy buys so many clothes all of the time!!!!!!”” Kids even if it is exaggerated it sounds bad………..OFcourse Neil bought her one beautiful dress…………This morning the kids and I watched “”Hairspray.”” It was super cute and I was explaining to them about the segregation back then. It is fun to enjoy something with my children. They were all jumping on me and loving on me. LIfe is good.”

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