Hanging at the casa

by Amy Cubbison on July 10th, 2008

“Just hanging at the house again. Lovin the slow lifestyle. Jac is at camp and the Ham kids are over. Cami is coming to visit and hang out. We may even watch a on demand movie…………Yahoo……………..I went to a white party for 944 magazine last night. A bunch of my girlfriend’s went. It was really fun to be with all of them and ofcourse I saw a bunch of people I know. THere was no food at the party and so we went to McDonalds at elleven ocklock and ofcourse it tasted like the best chicken sandwich ever. If you can even call it chicken. It is funny how MCDonalds only tastes good when I have been drinking. At any rate I got barbyque sauce all over Cami’s back seat. I guess they don’t call me Pig Pen for nothing. Hmmm my names are Calamity Jane, and Pig Pen, oh and Love Bug. I like Love Bug the best, the others dont sound to flattering. Ha ha………………Last night I ran in to Carey’s husband. Carey is away right now so he was drilling me a bit on what we do when we go out. It is all innocent but different from the way we were a year ago. The mid life thing. I have been reeelin it in for the most part. I definitely need my one night out this summer because I am with the kids twenty four seven……………We were suppose to go out with our friend’s Monique and Mark tonight. I love those guys and we have not gotten together in ages. They had to reschedule and believe it or not I am super happy for that. I am in a staying home mood………………….Tomorrow night we have our monthly couples dinner party which is always a good time, and then a Frog’s gym family party Saturday night. Then off to the Awards show. I am nervous again but a bit excited. I can see how this HOllywood stuff gets old after a while but I am still liking it. The Blondtourage will be back……………That is our nickname at shows……………..Kaylee is continuing her fibbing stage. She does not see how I know. The other day she wanted to go in my friend’s daughters room and we said no. She kept on making excuses why she wanted to go upstairs so she could go in to her room ie; “”I want to see what color the walls are.”” Cute but did not work…………….Kaylee is so happy because Kendra is playing with her today. She usually ignores her because Jac is here. They are playing restaurant so that translates to me I will be pretend eating grass, leaves and dirt. Yum!”

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