I can’t believe I missed

by Amy Cubbison on July 26th, 2008

“First time ever I think, that there was not a technical difficulty and I did not blog for two days. Anyway I have been busy as you can imagine. The gym, beach all day with tons of kids (i have been watching friend’s kids) then shower and either out with friend’s or kids. Speaking of that the other night when I parked at Pizza port I went over a curb=big surprise. Then when we went to leave and I could not get my wheel out of the flower garden. I had to burn rubber to get out of there and in that I killed a few flowers and nicked the No Parking sign. My kids hardly flinch because they are so use to it now. Carey said she had Kaylee on her lap to pretend she was driving and she kept on saying,””oops, crash, crash.”” …………So what is a rundown……………..Went to the racetrack with some girls last night. We had fun. We won one hundred dollars, drank, ate, socialized and then listened to a band. I got home early and had a good night’s sleep. Right now Neil is trying to get the boys to karate and screaming at everyone. See it is not so easy. We are going to brunch today at our friend’s Monique and Mark’s house. We have not seen them ina long time. Jac and Hunter use to always play so it will be interesting. Hunter came up to Jac at the beach and he was really shy…………….Just having a great summer. My car is so filled with sand that my car soon will be a beach in itself. I am loving my hair and getting tons of compliments on it. I went back to gravity class and my body is sore. I guess that shows that I need to attend the classes again. I need the challenge. ……Kaylee just opened the drawyer and said it smelled like an old grandpa. ……………Yesterday we made cookies and she said,’Don’t get any egg shell in it or the cookies will taste like crap.”” Great. I need to stop Kaylee from hanging out with older preteens. She gets infatuated with them……………….My friend’s all decided that I need to get three copies of keys made and have friend’s hide them until I get in a bind…………Ha. We are now off to the gym, brnch, then Kevin Ham’s birthday party. Have a good day!”

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  1. not sure what to tell you……I can ask my web guy.. but you should ask around as well.

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