June gloom

by Amy Cubbison on July 19th, 2008

“Slept in until nine. It felt great. Last night I was out a bit later than I thought but not in the time of trouble. Rhonda and I went to Rachelle’s bday party at the new local steak house. Great food and ambience. She has a great group of friend’s. It is funny, now whenever it is someone’s bday the girls only go out. Probably because it is too expensive for babysitting. ……………Oh my gosh everybody I know is in financial jeapardy or some kind and depressed. I know that sounds black and white but I keep getting these sad calls. I wish I could help everyone of them but we need help as well. Just need to remember we have our health and that is most important. My good friend Diane found out that she does not have breast cancer. She was really worried and is so relieved now………….Diane told me that Kaylee hurt Marina’s feelings last night. She said that she did not want to play with her. I was trying to teach Kaylee that it is okay to have feelings and thoughts but she does not always need to express them and if she does to deliver them in a kind way. ……………….I just signed Jac up for soccer in the fall and Kaylee for gymnastics. Kaylee has the perfect build for gymnastics.I hope she enjoys it. The more I watch her the more I believe she is destined for commercials. Everyone say’s that but I don’t want to get her in a dangerous environment…………..I was thinking that it is the middle of summer and we have not even gone to the beach much. I want to change that starting tomorrow. MY favorite time to go to the beach is the late afternoon where it is not too hot and the sun is not so strong. I like to stay there until dusk. That reminds me of the dream I had last night. I was laying on the beach in a club med somewhere ( i always dream about club med) and I was thinking how perfect the weather was and how good the sun felt on my body while I shielded my face from the sun. I use to love that feeling so much but now I am afraid of sun damage. Atleast I had a good dream for once…………………….Jac has the dirtiest hands and the dirtiest finger nails. I have to be on him constantly to trim them and for him to wash his hands. He is such a little boy. The maid came yesterday and already the house is a mess again. I am feeling the need to organize but probably once the kids go back to school. We are going to see Jean soon in San Luis Obispo and also going to Disneyland………………Time for the gym and then Kaylee and I are going to my mother’s house. Her friend and masseuse Kathy is in town and I am getting a massage and then my mother is having a potluck at her home. IT will be nice. I love hanging out with my mother and her friend’s. Then tomorrow church and get ready for the ever growing party……….Ciao!”

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