Monday cloudy day

by Amy Cubbison on July 28th, 2008

“If you have not guessed by now, it is Monday and it is cloudy. We are patiently or impatiently waiting for the clouds to dissapate. I ofcourse, have to go to my therapy gym first and then I am ready for a day with the kids. The kitchen is a mess-that is the only repurcussions of having guests-cleaning up. I hate it…………WE had a great dinner last night. My father and brother came over as well as a couple of girlfriends. I was hoping David liked Stacy and vica versa. She is a little mighty might, sweetheart from Philly. Not sure what the verdict is on that but stay tuned. ……….MY father looked great and I think enjoyed all the conversations and flirting. Ha. Ofcourse I told some of my one thousand funny stories. Mainly the Oprah Winfrey one, where I met her and was so excited to hang out with her that I did not sleep for three days. I made a yummy dinner and we drank nice red wine and it was a good evening. Neil was in a mood. He was complaining about me and my feeding the world program. Kaylee danced and shook her little bum and sang. She performed with her guitar and with the microphone and sang”” Apologize.”” My father and brother, infact everyone had a smile from ear to ear. She is so cute and has great rythm. She sang her song about Briteny SPirits. Eat your vegetables and brush your teeth so you can come play with me. Ha……………..Kaylee asked me yesterday if she is going to be sad when it comes time for her to move out and asked if I was sad when I did. I said,””What do you mean, I am still sad, and miss my Mom and Dad.”” Ha. Kidding…………..Her little mind and she is only four. …………….Wills bday is coming up. He is debating over a camp out sleepover or a Bionicle party> He said some of his friend’s have outgrown Bionicles………..The other night WIlls had a toothache. You would have thought he lost his right leg. He does not deal with pain or discomfort well and therefore makes us all suffer along with him. I need to find an herb to calm him down. I said to Neil it will probably be good for him when he starts spanking the monkey because it might come him down. NEil said he does not think he will be the type to do it. Who knows.? See what I have to look forward to??”

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