My cabezza

by Amy Cubbison on July 9th, 2008

“My cabezza hurts still. I have been taking Advil for three days straight. I am ovulating so I hope it is that. I need to get a massage………….Today we are suppose to go to a pool party but I don’t feel like doing much of anything, nor do Wills and Kaylee. Shocker-I am going to do laundry and some organizing, yoga at home and then bike ride with the kids. Tonight I am going to dinner with Hadley. I never made it last week and I miss her. She is in love again and this is the one for the one thousandth time. Ha…………….We are getting our carpets cleaned and although the guy is super nice-he won’t stop chatting to me . This is the problem with having the computer in the kitchen…………………Okay yesterday my kids put me through the ringer. Kaylee asked me,””Where God came from and where does he live?”” IS it me or is this advanced for a newly turning four year old. Then Wills asked me for the seventh time again why I got my breast done and why I swore two months ago. He said he wishes I was clean cut. He wants me to be perfect. I am glad that he is so clean cut and able to communicate with me but give Mama a break……………We had lunch with my father at the hospital yesterday, and Victor ofcourse. It was a nice visit. My kids love the hospital cafeteria and I like the prices. Cute doctor’s all around. It made me want to need mouth to mouth recessitation…………Kidding! I think sometimes I go to far with this blog. Or let me rephrase that I know I go to far-I have not received a funny email from my inlaws in England I hope they are not upset with me. Put it this way if everyone exposed themselves like I do with this blog, most people would be concerned about that person. My friend and I from Philly were talking today how we are so open, honest and up front and a lot of people do not know how to handle this……………That is one thing that is nice about getting older, is knowing and accepting ourselves. I know I have a ways to go but lately I am so in the moment and enjoying my children so much, that life is good……….Last night when I got back from an errand all of the kids started going off that I did not have this or that in the fridge so they all talked me in to taking them to the grocery store with me. Every flippin time I do it I ask myself,””Why, why?”” I also get looks from all other customers-“”why, why did you do that?”” So off to get five items and coming back with three hundred, we left………………..I was exhausted. ……….Jac is having a blast at day camp with our future daughter in law. He blushes whenever he sees her. They are both as cute as a bug in a rug………………When we had lunch with my father-Kaylee and wills were playing and teasing eachother. It was super cute and my father was smiling a lot……………..Time for yoga and laundry!”

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