Party day

by Amy Cubbison on July 20th, 2008

“Party day……Lots to do today. I can’t wait until we are ready to roll. I hope it is a success in all ways. A few people I really wanted to come can’t make it but that is always the way…………..Kaylee just said to me,””You can say that again.”” She said she learned that from Little Einsteins………Kaylee mimics everything I say and do. I need to remember that. Yesterday when I took her to the kids club she had her bikini on. She tucked her panties in her top. I do that when I need an extra hand. It is like looking in a mirror sometimes when looking at her and I also notice my actions, facial expressions etc. and where she got them. She likes me to scratch her back at night now and sing to her. My mother use to sing to me Rockabye baby. ………Kaylee told me that Jac told her he does not recognize her with her haircut. The boys are up at the crack of dawn and watching their latest obsession,’Avatar.”” Kaylee told Cole the other day to get out of her room, that they did not like boys and to take his guitar and go. As I said I had a talk with her about that. I don’t want to squelch her spirit but I want her to be kind. ………dreamt about shopping in Paris last night. No nookie dreams, which is odd since I am pmsing……………Had a great massage at my parents house and a great evening. Jac and Kaylee had playdates and Wills was with Neil Welding things. I mingled with my mother’s friends and at more good food. I really like her friend’s. They are all interesting. My father seemed to be really enjoying himself. I massaged his feet and then sat with him for a long while. He was smiling a lot like old times. I was home by seven and asleep by nine thirty-my favorite time. I wanted to go to church today but due to the party and my need for Ommmmmmm at Yoga, for peace and clarity, I will go next week and watch it on line. It is party time!”

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