Post Opening Day

by Amy Cubbison on July 17th, 2008

“The day after opening day at the races. It was super fun. It was a long day though. It started at twelve and ended at ten. I ended up wearing this white knit Bebe dress that was a hit. I was concerned about not feeling cute among the superficial beautious people out in the turf club but I held my own. It should not even matter but I needed to get attention and feel good after having a frumpy slump in La. I ran in to tons of people I knew, even many from highschool. That is my favorite part of the whole day and ofcourse people watching. After the races we went to the plaza. You have never seen so many people out and about. Then there was a local party. I had a great time and the food was amazing. No calorie skimping yesterday and to think I was not going to eat since I had on a tight knit white dress. I did try and keep my posture up right…………..Kaylee is talking about her birthday all of the time-in between her conversations about Shark Boy and Lava Girl. She keeps saying to tell my mother that she does not want strawberries on her cake this time and wants watermelon. Then she just told me that she wants to make sure we have more cake this time since all her friends are coming. She just came in and told me to turn off Barney because that is a baby show. Each of my kids went through that stage. She looks so cute with her little bob cut. I said to her yesterday,’Say thank you.’ THen she said to me,””Mommy say your are welcome.”” Touche. Smarty pants. Jac taught her this thing where they put out there hands and say,’Chop the pickle.”” Then when you do they say, Tickle tickle.”” More Kaylee stuff. Whenever her room is messy she fibs and says someone came over and did it in the night. ie;Tanner our neighbor. Then she complains about playdates that they don’t let her talk or play with their toys or they break her toys. Ha. If life’s problems were only this simple. Then yesterday in Target she told me she was feeling shy and wanted to stay still like a statue so people would not stare at her and say she was cute………………..I left my cell phone at the party last night. I actually do not miss it, just hope I find it for the five hundred contacts…………Off to the gym, then karate with the boys, and a playdate. My parents are coming over for a barbyque tonight-steak yummmmm!!!!!!!!! ……..Scared about the economy right now and need to tighten my strings in business and home life. …………….Last night I had such bad traffic on way home from the races that I listened to Christian music and sang the entire way. I said to Stacy, my dear friend, who accompanied me to the races, How polar opposites is that-at the turf club the opitome of shallow to driving home singing Christian songs…………All I know is I miss church a lot. A fun, fun day with a girl that I adore, who has battled cancer and is the most possitive, amazing person and friend.”

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