by Amy Cubbison on July 27th, 2008

“Sad SUnday. What is a week where I dont’ have a little sadness………ha. The kids just got back from fishing with Neil. They are so excited. They caught a lot of fish today. Ofcourse being animal and nature lovers they let them go. Speaking of that we went to the Rowan’s for a wonderful breakfast of Huevas Rancheros but her hunting husband brought out fresh made sausages from his hunting expenditions. They tasted good but I did not want to know what was in them. It was great seeing them. We use to hang out all of the time when we lived close by…………I am just a bit sad today. I am also tired due to the past activities. I feel like I have been a bit proccupied and not fully listening to my kids. I do not feel good when I let this happen. Recently some friend stuff has been going on. First off my friend whom we are going to visit wanted us to cut our trip shorter. I understand but she is super busy and super stressed. I just miss her and want to connect and it hurt my feelings a little bit. Then a longtime friend who I confided in sort of sold me out. It all goes back to me and not being so open and trusting everyone. I get disappointed in the human race but I am forgetting we are all faulty, including me. So I just feel like sitting back a bit. Tonight my father and brother are coming to dinner. I am going to woop it up for them. I also invited my marine friend because I think that my father would love to hear his stories. I want to make my father happy. My mother is away in Florida on a scrabble tournament. I had a dream last night where everyone was yelling at me. One of the usual nobody loves me dreams. It is funny I don’t think I will ever completely rid myself of these…………..We are going away on thursday and that will be good for me and us. I hope that the kids manage the drive okay. I am going to miss some of my friends but I also feel the need to pull back a bit from some. Just to protect myself. I am going to the gym and that always perks me back up. I have been feeling fat but my friend’s say I am the same. I hope they are telling the truth. ha. I am getting back in to hard workouts where I feel challenged and really sweat. That is great therapy. I want to continue with therapy but it is so darn expensive. I think I will paint today with the kids=that always is healing> I know I have tons to be greatful for but everyone is allowed to be a bit sad now and then. Off to breakfast and to have a big, healthy spinach, mushroom omelette with the kids. I miss going to breakfast-it reminds me of happy old times.”

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