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by Amy Cubbison on July 13th, 2008

“Well the awards times are here. The good news is today we only have to set up so we may sneak away to the Asian spa and get pampered by twenty over the hill, chubby, naked asian ladies. Neil asked if they give a happy ending and I said,””I hope not.”” I have tons to do so I will make this short. Hopefully I will have a lot of good pictures and good stories to tell you when we return………………..Oh and by the way that gym party last night was so lame. I don’t know why I was so excited to go. William was freakin out so he stayed home with everyone and I went by myself. It was like a bad prom. I was so uncomfortable there. It was so cheesy and the lighting was so bad everyone looked full of dimples and wrinkles everywhere. I felt so almost middle aged and I did not like it one bit. I have been noticing all these young, hot girls everywhere and I want to rip their hair out. Ha. Kidding. I met a new friend who I told my life story to. Still not being mysterious. Not sure if that will ever happen. We snuck off and went to get something to eat and then I came home. Kaylee stayed with Marina and when I picked her up we were listening to She and Marina talking on the baby monitor. It was so cute. They were talking about hysterical things. ie; What is your favorite outfit. It was adorable. They were giggling…………………William is upset that I am going away again and going over it and over it. I am like this is for work. I am suppose to go to opening day at the races the day after I get back but not sure that is going to go over really well………………I think I wrote about our lunch with my father and mother. It was really nice and I kept on thinking about that Pastrami on rye, ten thousand delicious calorie sandwich………… Kaylee keeps calling Marina’s mother Diane, like she is friends with her. She told me last night Diane is the skinniest Mom ever. The she said to me other observations about Diane that were funny. Last night when we drove by the gym Kaylee said,””People are still going to the gym at this time of night?”” “”That is very peculiar.”” I am thinking it is very peculiar that you are just four and the things your little mind thinks of and say’s. Bon voyage…………”

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