Wonderful day

by Amy Cubbison on July 12th, 2008

“We just got back from swimming at the shores pool, and beach and having lunch with my parents. What a yummy lunch-I ate half of my Dad’s Pastrami on rye. It tasted so good but man I hate to think of how many calories that was. It was a nice time. I played with the kids in the pool and gave Kaylee her little swimming lesson…………My neck hurts again. I think it is that pilates mat class. That is the only correlation I can make. ……………I got Kaylee’s hair cut yesterday in to a bob. She looks so cute, I can’t stand it. I am so in love with all my children all day long. It is painful. I don’t want them to grow up. Every night I dream about babies. The other night I saw one and I went through withdrawls. What is wrong with me?………..Kaylee just said to me,’Leave Me B and dont’ talk to Me.”” I thought that was cute. I got some signs for my car to advertise Leave Me B. My friend’s and family are not so sure that is a good idea since I do not have the best driving record. I will give them Neil’s number to complain if I am not driving well. Ha ha………..Last night we went to a dinner party with the five couples who live near us. It was super fun. A beautiful home, fun people, good food and good tequila-my new drink of choice. Got home at elleven and come to find out that everyone stayed and swam until three. I told Wills that so he would get off my back. I love that boy with all my heart but he is not easy going by any means. He drills me about everything!!!! When, where, why, and he never wants to go anywhere except the Ham’s-or the zoo or Legoland………………..I am going to take a shower and then relax. My gym is having a customer appreciation party with a band and food. The best thing is it is all free. Then tomorrow off to the awards show with the Blontourage. I have not prepared for it very much. Oh well I will just wing it…………………..The other day Cami and I watched,”” Atonement.’ What a great, interesting well done movie. I am thinking about it. Ofcourse I love a happy ending an there is not one-oh shoot sorry if you have not seen it…………………My father looked good today. I wish I lived closer so I could love on him more……………….Life is good and getting better. I am focusing on the right things once again and I am even (don’t faint) putting my phone down and not bringing it with me all of the time. It is getting easier. There is hope for me yet!”

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