Good dinner

by Amy Cubbison on September 18th, 2008

“I made a really good dinner tonight. I made halibut but got it from Henry’s. It was super fresh and I pan fried it with lemon and olive oil, plus my essential “”Kosher salt.”” The kids ate tons of it and asked for more…………..Molly is not only barking for food, now she is barking in the middle of the night for no reason-or atleast no reason that we can find.Yet that is…………….Today the boys had a good karate class and I took them to Dip and Dots afterwards. That seems to be our routine. I lost my atm card and could not pay for the Dip n Dots-luckily he trusted me to that. I guess cuz we go in each week atleast once. It was a bit embarassing=if I was in the getting embarassed mood………….I drove through the carwash today. The boys are so upset because they missed it. It scared Kaylee and it even scared me a little. I don’t know why but I had a thought of what it would be like to be in a natural disaster-like a hurricaine, or tornado. I remember feeling super fearful of that as a child. I am not sure but I was always scared of a tradgedy happening. It was scary to flash to see what it would be like to just worry about survival. I was happy to think that my kids do not think like that or have those worries atleast. But I did sort of forget how a carwash drivethru worked and ended up with bubbles and suds all over my car. Kaylee kept on saying,””I have a perfect idea-(new Term)we should all get towels and dry the car as a family.”” ………….Okay now it is time for Kaylee’s funny comments-(a new segment). She said that she had a great idea that would solve all sorts of problems-get a tv in her room. Ha. She is a smart little cookie. Then she said to me when she wanted something,””I have not seen you for days on end.”” Her expressions………….She was pretending to do a commericial and guess what it was for? Not Barbies………..But friend Bagels. I wish I had taped it. She told me today she wants to be on tv and Disney……………today Kaylee and I met my father at the hospital for his rehab. He loves the cafeteria because it is so cheap and a huge selection-not to mention those cute doctors, I keep telling my friend’s to go find. It was a nice visit and Kaylee sang and danced for Victor and my father as usual……………I know tons of funny comments were flying around today and yesterday but I think that is all I can remember for now. …………I managed to get a few things done today so I am getting there. I keep having a thought in my head every time I want to make plans with a friend-I need to focus on my company. I have someone helping me and that is priceless!!!!!!!!!!”

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