I did it again!

by Amy Cubbison on October 25th, 2008

“Yesterday I spent forty minutes writing a really long, funny entry filled with events and I deleted it. I was so angry and I am so sick of that happening. I need to have a prevention for that. Anways so then I was too tired to add another. I have had a great week hanging out with my kids every day and most nights but I have to tell you it is catching up with me. I can always tell because I get really short and snippy when I am trying to do something ie;type on my computer and they are all asking something of me, fighting or talking. I am not even pmsing but I am so irritated. Time to go to the gym. We are going to Jac’s soccer game later. He has been asked to play on two other leagues-one competative. Neil has died and gone to heaven-not to mention that they are so excited that Hull in in premiership and they are running around singing Hull victory songs………..Jac is Neil’s mini me……………Wills slept over his friends house the night before last. Why oh why do I do that to Wills and or myself? He never sleeps and then is so darn cranky that I want to lose it-all day long. I wish I had a hearing aid that would tune out whining! Hey that is a good idea. When it gets high pitched. I also hate when Wills screams at his siblings. He has a short temper especially when he is hungry or tired like someone else we know………..Enough complaining on my end-I took the kids to the beach yesterday. It was so beautiful. I will post pics. It was nice but ofcourse Wills had to steal shells form Jac and then Jac had to cry because he did not have the same ones-so then I had to look for him and give it to him to appease him. We looked for shells and walked for blocks. Kaylee wanted to welcome her bathing suit to the world and have a welcoming party by taking off her clothes on top of it. I love the way she expresses herself-priceless! Then she was running around dancing in and out of the water and she kept on saying,””This is a glorious day.”” She certainly enjoys life like her Mama when I am not to emotional and or more so like her Nanny-my Mom………… We then collected flowers to do a project, went out for green tea icecream and then to the video store. Last night Kaylee said,””We have not done something fun in a long time.”” I am like,””What??”” We went to Legoland this week, The beach, The aquarium, To two pumpkin patches. You little ungrateful(ha just kidding)> They just dont know how lucky they have it. …………..Kaylee also asked me to put a water slide on m Christmas list for Santa. I said,””Why not on yours?”” She said,’Mine is getting to full and you don’t have anything on yours yet so that way we will get both.”” Her little mind-working overtime-again-just like moi! She is constantly coming in to tell me what she sees on tv and how she wants it, or to eat it, or to see it. Whatever those advertisers are doing is working-let me tell you………….Last night the Ham’s came over for a nice dinner. I love having company and cooking, Diane and Marina hung out for a while, and then beautiful Stacy H. came over. We had good food, friends , music and conversation. I never did make my hip hop class but I will this week. ……….I did yoga four times this week. I felt like I was getting to strong again and needed to lean out and get more flexible. Tonight we are going to Carey’s for dinner while the kids have a bday party/sleepover. It is my friend Lisa P.’s bday and so I may sneak away for one drink if possible…………Got interviewed for two magazines yesterday. I always feel sort of like,””You want to interview me?”” But then I feel excited and greatful.”

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