by Amy Cubbison on October 23rd, 2008

“Legoland today. How lucky our kids are. A different activity each day. Tomorrow we are going to paint and do arts and crafts and just go to karate. Tonight staying home yea and tomorrow night just having the Ham’s over. So I am looking forward to being home and cozy. Wish it was fall like and not santa ana. Oh well that is a good complaint to have………..kaylee and I just made cookies. The entire house smells like yummy. Kaylee always wants to put the cookie dough on the trays. She makes the biggest mess and I have to completely redo it. She is continuing on her haircutting trend and scizzor trend. Yesterday I came in the den to find tons of hair-hers and Barbies all over the couch. She actually did a good job cutting hers. It looks like a shag like me. People are amazed when I tell them she cut it herself……………Anyways Cami, Stacy and I had a great time at the fundraiser last night. It was not to crowded and the food was amazing. The best part was it was all comped. I love freebees. I was home by nine.Anyways Wills is pacing around the house going over our plans for the day. He is super excited cuz after Legoland he is going to his best friend Conner’s house and sleeping over. Next week we are all going to go to the desert which will be really nice. I want to stay put and relax……………I have so much on the calendar in the next month that I keep on getting events mixed up. I am happy to know that some of the events are next week, not this week. ……….lately I am feeling pretty peaceful and it is really nice. Yesterday the kids and I went to the aquarium with my parents. We love that place. It is so amazing to me to see what God has created and how elaborate it all is. As Kaylee kept on saying all day while we were there,””It is a true Miracle!”” Out of the mouths of babes. I could not get the kids to leave so all I had to do was say,’Let’s go to the giftshop and they were off.”””

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