Molly stop barking!!!

by Amy Cubbison on October 21st, 2008

“OMGosh…………….(gotta be careful with Pastor Wills around) He watches if I slip up and hoanes in. He keeps me on my toes. I am scared to say a swear word………I think we are going to let him try some meds. The poor guy worries to death and obsesses over things over and over. I feel so bad for him and I also feel bad for me at times because he never leaves me alone. I adore him and love him but I get tired from his spiritedness sometimes. Is that even a word??? Regarding Molly she has two moods-on the verge of her death bed,and then barking all day because she wants to eat. She only barks at me. Her only sense left is smell. I feel bad but her barking is driving me mad so I scream at her. Atleast she can’t hear me. ……………Today I hung out in bed all morning and read and the kids would visit in between going downstairs screaming and killing themselves. How can three kids make so much noise I have to ask???? I watched,””Sex in The City,{“” again. I love that movie!! It is empowering. My favorite scene is when SJP is so broken hearted that she only sleeps and does not eat-then Samantha feeds her like a baby. I got tears in my eyes and thought I have friends that would do that and I would do that for any of my friends and family. OH no, now I am choked up…………After I got my lazy bum out of bed, I did some yoga to regroup and then took the kids to lunch and the pumpkin patch. They had a blast. This vacation is getting expensive. I was watching the type of people that work the rides. I do not mean to be critical at all but what a different life they lead. I was enamoured or interested in watching them…………My brother Peter is away and I am missing him. I hope he finds success on his journey far away………….I made the mistake of taking all three AGAIN to the grocery store. They follow me around the store causing havoc and everyone looks at me. I am numb to their looks cuz all I want to do is get the frick out of there without losing my mind. William talked the entire day and he talks loud and has these long stories. He wakes up telling them. I know I deserve it and mostly I like it but today I found myself saying to him,””Please just don’t talk for a while.””………….Little Miss Kaylee is continuing to grow up and crack us all up. She must be in commercials-she is a natural. That is what everyone say’s all day long. She always sees something on tv whether a commercial or on a show-whatever they eat or advertise she comes in and tells me. Then she all day reenacts parts from one of her shows. She comes up with it just out of the blue. Today I heard her screaming at the boys to knock it off. She stands up for herself-GO Kaylee, Go Kaylee, Go Go Go. Do it for me as well. LOL. ……………….I know I have said I am not going to go out as much and I have cut back on where I go, with who and how late. Now I am watching how much I drink and limiting it especially if I am driving-one only. It is just tough because October, Novemeber and December are such social holidays. There is so much to do and so many things happening. A lot of them are family things so that is great. I just get tired after a while but I hate to miss to many things. I also dont’ like to feel as if I am eating and drinking to much-then I dont’ feel healthy. After this week, I am going to lay low and cleanse for a few weeks before our show………………..Tomorrow we are going to the aquarium with my Mom and Dad. The kids love that place and so do it…………I am liking Facebook, although I did not need another outlet for communication. It is cool because I am getting in touch with so many people that I lost contact with………..But I do have to admit-that Melanie asked me to make a bday list of my dearest friends. The list went on and on and on. I did not know who to cut because so many of them are so dear to me. I guess that is a good problem to have. My kids are waiting for me to watch,””School of rock.”” I almost said,””Kid rock.”” Not! But one note on last night. Three girls and I took Melanie l. out for her bday dinner. It was so awesome. I did text a bit much, which I am upset with myself but I had a great time. I was feelin the love for Melanie and the girls. We had a beatiful dinner, a beautiful table and my friend sent out a huge array of desserts on the house. Seems that we have been getting a lot on the house lately-Okay by me…………Happy BIRthday Melanie! I love you. NOw its Patty then moi!! We are not getting older we are getting better.”

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