by Amy Cubbison on October 18th, 2008

“I swear Molly is like a Timex, she keeps on ticking and ticking and ticking. I have mourned her death already about ten times. Now with a little baby tylenol she is bouncing around like a puppy and barking at me to eat all day long. I am giving her love though, so I feel better about that. She has Nine lives as Neil say’s………………Wish we all did and do…………It is a beautiful fallish day. I had a great workout, did some errands and now I am taking the kids to the Botanical Gardens. Yesterday as I said I went to three kid parties in a row. Last night some MOms and I had a little alone time, which is always nice. I was home by eight thirty, so to me that is not going out. Not sure if I wrote about this but one of Jac’s classmates was crying because his pumpkin that the Great Pumpkin gave him was smaller. So Jac went over to him and traded with him. It was really sweet. All the Moms got tears in their eyes…………..Tonight we are going to a costume party-me as a go go dancer and Neil Austin powers…………We are meeting a bunch of people there. Anyways should be fun. The kids are on school break for two weeks. We may go to the desert and or Disneyland, if I can brave it again. Atleast it will be when most schools are still in………….I have to be honest, I was sort of dreading going to the kids Halloween class parties. There are always too many Moms there. I was in charge of the toilet paper wrapping the kids like Mummies. I gave it all my attention and I actually got a kick out of the kids. I need to remember this. It is important to try and be in the moment and get the most out of every little experience…………….I feel very lucky in this terrible economy. One of my closest friends may have to move in with her mother. I am so sad about this> I told them they could live here, I am serious…………….I heard a great quote today by Eleanor Roosevelt,””Noboby can make you feel inferior without your consent.”””

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