To late to apologize

by Amy Cubbison on October 17th, 2008

“Just kidding. I love that saying and that song but i would never say that to anyone………….as I always say ‘wish I was mysterious and peculair in a good way. Not sure of the spelling-sorry mom again………..Kaylee and I went shopping yesterday. She found a pair of high (sort of high heels) and she wanted them so bad. She is so great at wearing my highheels and walking around the house in them. So anyways the sales lady said they did not come in size little nine like Kaylee and she was devestated………..She cried for thirty minutes and talked about them all day. then I got my makeup done and she had the lady put some on her and she kept on saying,””i look fabulous, don’t I?”” she is hysterical but it sort of scares me-she is so little to act like that-but she is atleast nice and kind, which to me is super important……………….anyways I am wiped out from two Kids halloween parties and one kids bday party but I have to say I love the new friends I have from OPE. I feel super fortunate with so many things so Thank you God…………..but I need to continue to work on things . I had crazy dreams last night. They were self explanatory but I will write of them tomorrow. night night.”

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