by Amy Cubbison on December 27th, 2008

I have never been so neglective to my blog. I have been having a nice holiday though and very busy. I am forbidden to write a few things about some of my friends so that will keep my blog a bit more PG-13 than R. Right now Kaylee and Jac are playing Barbies. It is so cute. Kaylee say’s, “Which one of my thousand barbies should I play with?” She is not kidding.

Christmas was a success. Infact two big items did not arrive: Kaylees convertible Barbie car and William’s robot. I feel like cancelling it because they are not even talking about it. Nah……that would surely come to haunt me. I wish my kids missed a trick once in a while. My mother thought I believed in Santa until thirteen. I said, ‘No I was jut afraid of not getting any presents.’ I am no dummy. That is what kids think.

Today a bunch of relatives from back east come out. One is my niece whom is only five years younger than me. She is like my sister. She, her family and her brother Andrew. Andrew is a little heartbreaker. I have got to keep my MILF friend’s away from him. Ha. I am sure that is what he is thinking to put in his brag book. We have been playing a lot of games. Games are so much fun and add so much to any get together. Last night the Ham’s came over and we played a fun game. We then watched Saturday Night Live reruns and I have not laughed that much in so long It was awesome.

I have been having a feeling of inner peace, not needing of anyone or anything. It feels great. I hope it lasts. Of course I still have been feeling sentimental but that will never go away with me. I like it until I get hurt to easily. 2009 is my year for growth-hmm, did I say that last year? Well hopefully a little more each year.

My house looks like a tornado hit it. I am on strike today that is. That is how I roll-clean up and organize kids mess it up, clean up again, kids mess it up, clean up again and then commit myself to the asylum-no kids mess it up and then MOM (Me) goes on strike and damn it feels good to let it go!

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