Too Many Thoughts

by Amy Cubbison on December 28th, 2008

I have tons of thoughts running through my mind and I would love to write them all down but I am not going to right now for two reasons: One I am nacked (english version of tired) and two because my thinking is usually off when I am tired. One thing for sure I have been feeling all day is greatful and thankful. I have had so many close calls and I have had a guardian angel watching me. I need to not take that for granted and or put myself in situations that could end in a disasturous way.

My nephew Andrew 24, and my niece Katie 36 and family are visiting us from philly. I am enjoying them all so much and so are our kids. Went out with my nephew last night and we had a wild time-details later-what he will let me write. ha ha……Then today we worked out, went to a bday luncheon and then dinner with the family at my parents. The sunset was so beautiful that it took my breath away. It felt like a wedding or something because there were so many family members here. It was comical to me at dinner watching everyone in their family role and doing their usual song and dance. One just has to laugh at how silly and funny we can all be.

My father at first looked down in the dumps. My heart was breaking for him. Then my mother had a few martinis and got lovey dovey with him an talked openly about their sex life at the dinner table and then my Dad had a smile on his face. And yes the sex subject went around a few times-to many for my liking but hey us lasensky family are all randy! It’s true…

Andrew and I decided that we are the most similiar than anyone else in our family. We both are the babies, have big hearts and get hurt often. He is such a great kid. He has been so inspirational to William telling him how he overcame dislexia and ADHD. Andrew was asking me to tell him stories about my father and we were laughing. I told him that he drives like Pop Pop. It seems most of us inherited my fathers lack of driving skills. Then he asked me about miner and what she meant to me. She was a nanny/everything that looked like Aunt Jamima and moved in with us when I was nine. I was explaining how much she organized my life and gave me structure and how nice it was to not be alone. I started crying so hard. I was so touched and choked up. Then Andrew and I called her. Andrew also told me that he thinks I am very beautiful, more than most. I know he is my nephew but how sweet is that? Then today someone told me I am like a young Samantha from sex in the city. Meeooowwww!!!!”

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