Bon Voyage

by Amy Cubbison on January 9th, 2009

Bon voyage to a friend of ours who is leaving for Iraq.

All is calm and good in our household. My friend that I was worried about was actually Neil but I did not want to scare his parents. His lungs are fine. What a scary incident. Just the thought of something like that makes one feel so many emotions and brings up a lot of fears. It definitely brought us closer The house is quiet. Jac is home resting before his soccer superstar tryouts. Today was Charger day at their school. I finally found out they were playing the Pittsburgh Steelers. I had to know that at the very least.

My friend Ashley gave william and I a bachflower treatment last night. It is suppose to calm us. William is so excited about this calming his fears that it will probably work – psychosomatic. I told all my friends that I finally know why I text/email more than anyone. It’s because I have the free time. When I worked the other day on my business I was so busy I did not look at my phone all day and then was too tired to return calls. Oy vay!! However you spell that word. I was noticing today that I use so many phrases and expressions. I always wonder where one comes up with their sayings, and also (oops forgot-lost in space)

Anyways Kaylee told me she wants to grow up to be a fashion designer and I will be her partner – me in my wheelchair. Ha ha. Hope not. Not if I have anything to do about it. William keeps drawing these amazing characters. He could do comic strip. I saw that Hugh Hefner did that when he was young so maybe Wills is destine for stardom but I sure hope he does not turn out to be a Hugh Heffner in the Bunny Mansion. Somehow I dont’ think so since he gets so upset if I even expose my tummy. He wrote all his fears down and one was if I show my stomache and or cleavage.. Help Dr Laura!! I only have had them two years and by golly(see) I want to share them.

Someone on facebook said she thought we went to school together. I looked her up thinking she was young and she looked so middle age. ……well that just ruined my day then I saw pics of me that look terrible. All that holiday partying caught up with me. I have been really healthy so far this year and want to continue.

Kaylee and I visited my father the other day at the rehab. I always need a does of him and I love when we make him smile.He said a few new words or phrases. Helen Keller (molly) is doing well, that little Timex. She is barking as we speak for her sixth meal today. Kaylee keeps saying the messy elf comes to make whenever she or her friend’s make a mess. Then she told me that their was another elf for something or other but that escapes my memory as well. We watched Narnia as a family last night. I don’t like those weird creatures. Everyone else loves it. It gave me bad dreams reminded me of those monkey’s in Planet of The Apes.

Today I was watching tv at Diane’s and I saw an old movie,”Stardust Ball.” I fricken remember that from way back watching when I was young. God only knows why but I remember she dies at the end and I was sad for weeks. Just goes to show how impressionable a little child is. So tonight we are all going out to celebrate our friends departure. More tomorrow-stay tuned and “Make it a great day!” Ha

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