I Don’t Bring You Flowers Anymore

by Amy Cubbison on January 15th, 2009

I don’t bring you flowers anymore. la la la. I have been so busy and so neglegent about blogging. I have been thinking about it, if that goes for any points. I am sneaking in one passage in between screaming at Kaylee and jac to brush their teeth and Jac to get a shirt and William to finish his homework-without getting offtrack and playing with the spoons or something or other.

Speaking of I was so cranky at the end of the day. Neil is working so much I am like a full time mother. It is easier in some ways but more tiring. But it has all been well in the home front. My feeling is that we are all healthy and it is beautiful outside and what more do we need. It has been like Spring and it is more appreciated since the rain. I am feeling very healthy and getting eight hours of sleep a night. It feels good and I have cut back on the vino and drinking in general. The other thought I keep having in my head is, to be honest to myself and take ownership of everything in my life-to be really authentic with all that I need to be. Time to grow up-I said this year was it, and so far so good. Not so much of a broken record anymore-I am moving forward. I am mobile. later dudes and dudettes. ha

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