Paint Your Wagon

by Amy Cubbison on January 27th, 2009

Not sure why I put this title except for the fact that I am so in to painting these days and it feels super great. That gives me the filled up feeling that I am always craving for something to fill: good things or bad things. Kaylee is painting with me and she keeps looking over at my painting and comparing it to hers and then gets upset then pretends she does not like mine. It is so cute and so transparent. I am doing mozaic, and decopauge wiht painting and it feels sooo fun, and so creative.

I have not been sleeping great the past fews days. But for me not great is still good for some. The kids have a playdate and then we will go out to a fun, family restaurant for dinner. Easy street in regards to my cooking this week. By the way, an important by the way, “Happy birthday my dear, lovely friend, Stacy H.” I have written about her before and she is a very balanced courageous person, wife, mother and friend.

Back to the title: My mother and I watched this movie about the Goldrush when I was little. I loved that movie and I learned a lot. Now everytime I try and get my kids to watch and old movie they say, “No thanks that is old fashioned.” That damn modern technology.

Gotta go and pick up the boys. Life is good for the most part. Tons of movies I want to catch up on but had a lazy weekend. Everyone is healthy, Jac is soccer crazy, Wills is not worrying as much and when he does he comes and snuggles me and listens to the Dive, and then me pretty peaceful and Neil working hard and thank God there is work!!!

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