by Amy Cubbison on March 25th, 2009

Ohhhmmm or is it Ommmm? I was trying to think of all the things that were surfacing in my mind when I was doing yoga today. It is always a great time for me to remember things. Although my yoga teacher was not impressed with that when I told her that. She said that I am not suppose to think about anything at all-yea right! If she only could tap in to my mind and see how difficult that is for moi.

Kaylee is singing to Icarly right now. She picks up the words to things so quickly whether it is Ring Around the Rosy, or Lady Gaga. She always sings. It is so fun to watch her. I am not sure yet if she has my voice, Dear God I pray she does not, or Neil’s voice-a much better option of the two. Neil has a lot of talents actually. If he grew up in San Diego he would have been a professional athlete.

So tomorrow I have Kaylee’s cavity filling appointment. I then came to find out, because most school activities are a shocker to me, and very frequent! That is why I have my backup MOms. The most organized one in the class that I text often to find out what is happening. To find the note in my kids backpacks is super tough, with all the crap they carry. Anyways so Tomorrow on top of it being Gold Rush day at Wills school, they are doing a Gold Rush performance. Thank God, I found out. I still have not forgiven myself from last months missing of Jac’s show. So I had to cancel Kaylee’s appointment. I have been dreading it anyways. I am hoping and praying the baby tooth falls out by then. I can’t stand to see her being worked on and scared. I probably make her more upset. There I go with my emotions on my sleeve again.
Wills had to do a book report and he did not tell me until last night so we did what most people do these days we googled the summary of the book. It was a Hardy BOys mystery. Ha ha. I remember reading Nancy Drew back yonder. Never did like mystery anyways but Wills made the most creative chart and poster to go with it. He is feeling pretty good about himself these days. I think the meds are working. Yesterday Wills, Kaylee and I went to the beach after school. It was so beautiful. THen we went to an early dinner at our fave Mex local joint. Luv that place. I am going to be fluent in Spanish if I don’t slow down on the Mex food. ANyways Wills was flirting with Ashleigh’s girl and they looked like two peas in a pod. On the way home he told me that he is so happy that they are our close family friend’s . THen he said,”Mommy don’t take this and make a big deal of it, but I can see myself getting married to one of those girls.” OMG!!! HOw fricken cute. He was also telling me he really believes in his heart he is going to be a well known inventor and make a lot of money-praise God, again. Ha ha.

I am planning a going away potluck joke party for my friend Dale. I am keeping it much more intimate. I am calling it a “Recession party.” Ha. It is the truth.

I finally got Kaylee to want to go back to school. I found out another reason than all her excuses. This morning for example she went from one to the other-I am tired, I did not sleep well, I need time with you today, I miss you, I am sick…anyways she finally confessed that this boy Chris that she does not like keeps making her sit with him at lunch. Well I took care of that one and she had a very nice day. See it starts very young being a Lasensky/Cubbison-we have to fight the boys right off of us. Ha. Speaking of that I am feeling very much in the Spring Fever mode and feeling attractive again. My body is responding well to the pilates and yoga so I am not feeling so muscle-y. Not sure if it is in my head or in reality but whatever I am happy that insecure period has passed for Now!

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