Sucky Momma

by Amy Cubbison on March 6th, 2009

I get the sucky Momma award today. I missed Jac’s little singalong for music class. I feel like I am going to throw up out of sadness. I never miss anything or try not to. Whenever I go, he stands there looking and waving at me the entire time. I am soooo upset. I called his teacher and had him give Jac a message and I got him a little toy and I am going to take some alone time with him tomorrow – a date. As if it’s not hard enough with any child, but Jac and his little nose and dimples. Kills me.

Today Kaylee told me that she wants to have an array of food at her birthday party which is two months away and the huge topic of daily conversation these days. She changes her mind about all the details about forty times a day. I don’t think she will change her mind about this. The array of foods she wants is: cheesecake, vanilla cupcakes, carrot cake, brownies and loads of candy. She is the biggest chocoholic.

I told my sister the other day that Kaylee just goes along happy in life and her biggest catastrophe is that she does not get another brownie or treat. Yesterday she asked me for treats all day long. She has her two in the morning and then is devastated that she can’t have more later. She does not understand delaying gratification. I have caught her sneaking treats quite often so I gotta watch her. She is very active so hopefully it won’t turn in to a weight thing but I worry about diabetes…anyways.

Neil just left for the gym. I can’t wait for his work to start up again. He paces around the house and calls me ten times a day. I mean, it is cute and all, but so different.

Last night we went to Gail’s for dinner. It was a nice night. It was funny to see how Gail’s 14 year old daughter talks to her Mom now. Funny, not so funny-ya know what I mean. Kaylee had a blast and was of course infatuated with her and the other little girls in between asking for a muffin aka a brownie. I think she figured if she called it that, nobody would know what she meant cuz muffins are healthy. Just like Barbies are a creative brain activity.

Kaylee had a bit of a cold and missed school this week. Then she wanted to see Marina yesterday and when I walked in to the kitchen Kaylee said,”Please excuse me I am going to fake cough for a bit.” Ha ……..When do they realize we see right through them. I don’t know but I think I talk about my kids and what cute things they do too much and then they feel violated. Put it on the fricken list of things to work on. Hmm.

Tomorrow Jac has soccer, and we are going to watch him play. He is so cute about it and so good. Kaylee said she wants to play “High Heeled Soccer.”  Kaylee has also been kissing me constantly and telling me she loves Neil and me. It is cute but so much that I hope it is not coming from a worry of hers about something. I am going to go take a bath and have a minute of peace before the troops start coming in. We have a busy family weekend.

William is doing better on meds, although a bit hyper. The other day Neil made deviled curried mustard eggs (wait yuck!) and Wills had about six and then kept thinking about mustard and gagging. Now mustard is at the top of his worst food list. Ciao!!!

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