Can’t stand automatic answering services!

by Amy Cubbison on April 9th, 2009

I can’t stand automated answering services or help. They drive me bananas. Infact I think they are close to number one on my pete peeves list. They are slow, never get what you want and always go to the wrong menu, especially when I have three screaming kids in the car that it reacts to. I call for chinese laundry (my father use to always answer the phone saying that) and they give me California auto imports. That is even giving them the benefit of the doubt because they both start with C. Oh well I don’t like to start the day on a negative note. There are much more important things I can talk about. I am up early to get my bum to pilates class before we go away. I have been really lazy this week about getting to the gym, not to mention not eating as well, or not drinking vino as little as I said. Vacation has been one fun, constant socialization but that is not good when I am going to be in a bikini tomorrow. That always helps me get serious when I put on my bikini. I just feel that my tummy is not as flast as it use to be. I am hoping that pilates brings it back to where it use to be-“Those were the days my friend, the days would never end..” Ha ha. I sound so fricken middle age-scary. I do feel that my posture has improved with pilates.
Anyways last night we had THe Ham’s over for dinner. It was so nice to hang out with my girl Melanie. She loves me so unconditionally that it warms my heart-and ofcourse I do love her that way as well. Ofcourse the kids were wild and trashed our home. Everytime they get together they have to build a fort out of every pillow in the house. Then they put them back after nagging them all in the wrong spot. See I guess I am anal about some things. Today I am staying home and doing work, bills, and organizing. I have that feeling and I gotta go with it when I do.
Kaylee told me last week that she broke up with Cole, her boyfriend, then she told me he did not know but she just liked him as a friend. Then after their playdate that they were back on again but it was a secret. LAst night she told us that she broke up with him again, without him knowing and that she now is going out with Dominique, whom she met at the Dipn Dots. OFcourse Dominique has not knowledge of this whatsoever as well. I think it is funny. Neil rolls his eyes and it scares him. She also keeps talking about being a fashion designer and drawing cute pictures. Then she sighed,”I just wish Daddy would once,let me wear lipstick!”
Then yesterday William asked me what a quiffe was? I said,”Not sure.” I do know and he is never having me utter those words. OMG. If you don’t know what it is, it is the sound a vagina makes during sex, sometimes, Not mine ofcourse, that sound like a fart. he told me Judson asked him. Oh Dear Lord, I don’t think I am strong enough for puberty.
This week we have had some really nice times together the kids and I. I am looking forward to swimming, walking, tennis and laying in the sun, in the desert. There are going to be tons of kids there since it is vacation but then the kids will have even more fun!! If I don’t blog, Happy Easter!!

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