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by Amy Cubbison on June 6th, 2009

It is time-time for me to blog and time for me to finally grow up. I know that i am working on that and i know that I am making progress because I have not had the need, or desire or urge to blog, facebook, text etc. I am having a contentment from within. This is a very new concept for me. I feel as if my life is an epiphany after ephipany lately and there are no mistakes only miracles and lessons.
Today is a day where I am feeling my childlike towards everyone and feeling super appreciative. I spent the entire day with my kids and it was needed and it felt great. I am passing up on a lot of parties and events that i really do not care about. This is also a good feeling. I thought about stopping my blog all together but then I realized that I would not be preserving all my children’s memories if not. I still am somewhat of an exhibitionist, or whatever it is that likes to expose myself emotionally.
We just got back from seeing the movie, ” Up.” what a fantastic amazing, creative movie. It is by far my favorite. I was laughing and crying but so what else is new? ha
Kaylee told me today that she and Marina are BFF”S forever.. It was so cute. They have been having little disputes over the third friend syndrome. I am explaining that this is very normal and trying to teach her to not hit and understand her feelings to express them to others. I also told her that I still have problems with threesomes. That is one thing I love about growing up-we all learn that many of our fears and feelings are very normal.
Joey, my nephew has been here for two days. Jac, Wills and Joey are military obsessed. They might as well be speaking Japanese. I keep running in to things that i know nothing about and that sparks my interest which is always fun.
The other day i came home and told William that i don’t want them to ride their electric skooters anymore. My friend told me at the Er, they call them donorcycles. He was so upset until with his little mastermind he realized that we will need to replace that christmas gift from my parents for something else. I came home and they were both on the computer picking out remote controlled army trucks that were close to six hundred dollars. They were obsessed. I told them they were dreaming and if we sell the skooters they can use that money for something. My kids will work me or manipulate the situation until i am too tired to fight.
Had a very scary thing happen today-I was dropping the boys off to get chinese food, and I thought they all got out of one door, so i started going and wills said,”Mommy stop.” I did and then realized i could have run over his foot. He was scared and it freaked me out. I told him the good news is that nothing happened and now that is a way to engrave it in my brain so I never do anything like that again. I know the fear and regret I felt today will keep me remembering to be more careful about how and when they get out of the car. Neil said to always look at door light off. Hmm simplicity that i would have never thought of-or common sense which i lack in.
when were at the restaurant, I kept on noticing William looking at my friend Diane’s cleavage. BTW, he keeps yelling at me to button my shirts up and he is terrified to see me not fully dressed. This is a new thing for him. Ofcourse I am going to modify my dress for him. Anyways he was just worried about something but I thought he was upset I was with Diane because she had her cleavage. Diane has very large breasts but her certainly was checking them out a bit. Puberty is not easy. Not looking forward to it for him or myself.
William asked the waitress what are the odds of getting the same fortune cookie advice. she said,’One in a million.’ Then Jac and William go the same fortune so they were freakin out. I told Wills we should go play the Lotto tonight and I also explained to the boys why the chinese proverb of “problem meaning- hidden opportunity,’ is very cathartic. and how we could turn around the car incident to make it a good thing to prevent problems in the future.

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  2. Good job on your blog.

  3. i use to do it daily but now i am doing it twice weekly due to high demand, stress and facebook but i plan on getting better. thanks

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