more lessons in life

by Amy Cubbison on June 2nd, 2009

You know the song by level 42, ‘lessons in love?” well my song is lessons in life these days. i mean God do you have to have me test out every boundry and use every tool I am learning all in one month? geeze…………..I did use some new techniques for boundries today that felt painful but better once they came out of my head, mind and heart. I also had a nice visit from a friend who was very kind, loving and nurturing which always is a perk up. I have not worked out much, as a lot of things. I did some work today but since I have not been sleeping-i am all wonky. I need my sleep. My thoughts were hyper sensitive today and garbled. I kept remembering to not think or make decisions when I am tired, hungry or angry. My therapist reminded me of that and I klung to it. He is so good and so good at his job. I try and absorb all of his teachings. I am in the mood and mindset to just hang out with my kids and do not much of anything. I had a mini disaster where I lost my car keys last night. They were the only ones I had. What a disaster that was. Many hours later and dollars i will be getting my new sets (plural) tomorrow. and yes Mom you were right, again.
one of the lessons i learned today was that since I am feeling overwhelmed these days and want to focus on my family and business, that i can meet someone who inspires me or touches me, and let them know that without befriending them. Small concept but powerful.
missed my kids when I was in la. looking at them with amazement and loving eyes today. William is creating a comic book. I swear he is a fricken genious. kaylee and jac are great artists as well. Jac had a new playdate over and he was so excited. I sometimes wish I could go back to being a kid and just living life, without thinking so much. Then again I probably thought as much just like Wills. Still not feeling great from going off that medicine. Looking forward to feeling normal and or more grounded. Kaylee danced for my friend today, the entire Hannah montana dance. She was so cute, that i could not breath. I am noticing how much her confidence is helping her in life and so happy that I have helped her achieve that. Who knows she may be a star? that is if that is what she likes or wants……………….Last thought, being honorable is hard but feels better!!

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