by Amy Cubbison on June 28th, 2009

Good morning. Still staying surrounded by the tranquility of my brother David’s resort. It is so beautiful here. So green and plush. I sit outside in the back yard and just relish in the beauty while childhood memories resurface. Some of the memories are bittersweet especially because they are about my father and are time alone when my parents were separated. I definitely see how much I needed this time and vacation. I think it is a bit hard for Kaylee to be away from everyone and she is overly attached to me…….but I am lovin on her. I want to comfort her the right way but I remember being scared of new people and places as a little girl as well. I miss my boys terribly. William is having a hard time but as we both thought, and hopefully it is true-this will be good for the both of us.
I am having a nice time with my brother David, in between his constant nagging about how and where I put things away. My mother said all men are like that and I hope she is wrong. My brother is a softie wrapped up in a rebel skin, that can be so harsh. He is trying really hard though and apologizes, especially after I cry. David thinks he is giving me life lessons 101 and business 101 all in a 2 week span. Other than that we are having a great time hanging out. Last night we listened to music, had red wine, barbqued steak and hung out with some of his buddies. We had a really intense conversation, which we all know is how I like conversations intense………..So my growing up is coming along okay. Sometimes the reality of things hits me and I just cry about everything because it is a sad time, in many ways for all of us. Wills is really upset we are selling our home. I wish there were other options but dont want to go in to debt to stay there. It is hard being back here and seeing all of the beautiful homes around. Today my childhood friend Leigh is coming over with her daughter. I can’t wait. We had so much fun growing up together and laughing our asses off. Fun memories. xo

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